@joshuaferris As a Kansas transplant, I was extremely surprised to hear of this: cowtownrodeo.com/

(Doubly so since we lived close enough to Old Cowtown oldcowtown.org/ to be slightly nervous every time they held an anvil shoot.)

We got dry beans and regular rice but I will only be sure that grocery stores are back to normal when Taylor-brand pork roll is regularly in stock.

coronavirus, Wawa v. Sheetz 

Jersey doesn't have Sheetz or there would be people putting "make sure I don't get put in a Wawa truck if I die" in their DNR.

@logan_life @alan @zorn It gets worse: I've got it in *one* of my three regular Slacks. Like: it's not "your client is upgraded or not," I have one Slack that works differently from the others.

First water ice of the year! (and also probably last because SO MUCH SUGAR) (also yes the Rita's in Moorestown Mall is open year-round; that's cheating)

How To Park Your Dragon

(I don't drive in downtown Philly if I can possibly help it, but if I did I would 100% park in this Chinatown lot which is guarded by a bunch of dragons.)

#dragon #philly #chinatown

Let's have a #Philadelphia masto meetup. Where should it happen?

deleted and re-drafted because I think I accidentally made the first one local only.

Hang on hang on HANG ON

Why isn't it the "Philadelphia Jawn Terrorist Task Force"?!

TSA agent to co worker: lol that's the eighth suitcase of nothing but Tasty Kakes I've seen this week.

@tedu "The"? I thought there were at least a couple different ones during the game.

I usually kinda give stunt accounts kind of a side-eye but for some reason this one makes me laugh.

I just realized. "Wawa" is the Canada goose version of "honk."

Do with that information what you will.

I moved to South Jersey in 2015 and to the Philly burbs in 2017, and today in 2019 I learned how Helen Gym's last name is pronounced.

(Why yes, I *do* get most of my news in [virtual] print.)

Gonna need to sell off Gritty Dragon too because I cannot resist the temptation to have him photobombing all my group shots.

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