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Just imagine if the people in charge of arranging press conferences had ended up in charge of distributing vaccines.

They'd be all "Okay we gotta give a lot of money to BioNTech, let me just google the nearest..."

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Some National Weather Service folks have still not forgiven him for the Sharpie hurricane thing.

There is a whole bunch of cheering outside my house and I was kinda "whaaaaat we're way out in the burbs, where are we even getting a crowd" and then I realized it was just a football game over at the field near us because it's a Saturday night. 🏈 ⚽

(also yes I am normally Captain Content Warning but I promise, only for today and only happy stuff.)

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What are the odds this "news conference" is just "lol let's send the press off on a wild goose chase to Tacony"?

Pulled up at the light on the 295 off-ramp and the guy behind me started dancing in his car, fists pumping out the sunroof and everything, and I had to switch from a podcast to live radio but I guess he was just happy with the weather which, okay, it *is* gorgeous.

So I opened my sunroof too, and got a car-ful of falling leaves at the next light. 😆 🍂

Philly Inquirer has a red BREAKING NEWS banner across its home page with this extremely shocking and heretofore unknown bit of news:

"ELECTION UPDATES / Presidential race hinges on crucial swing states, including Pa."


I guess living in South Jersey where all our news is Philadelphia is karmic retribution for all the suburban/rural folks who had to listen to Wichita news in hopes of hearing something, anything, relevant to their side of the county line.

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Couldn't figure out why my dumb car radio was picking up WNYC and WHYY simultaneously (they play NPR shows a couple seconds out of sync so that was fun) but eventually figured out it had gotten switched over to its FM-2 setting which was 88.1 so it was fighting between Berlin (WHYY) and Trenton (WNYC) repeaters while I was in Mount Laurel.

The weird "vast number of low-power stations/repeaters" situation here is weird to me after Wichita where you had, well, Wichita stations. That's it.


President is tweeting "STOP THE COUNT" and all of Twitter is like "doesn't he know he'd lose" and I'm like "YES but he knows he'll lose by MORE."

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Philly has stopped counting mail-in ballots but in-person numbers are still coming in, for instance. Pennsylvania is still ANYBODY'S GUESS, and it will be for quite awhile.

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We have spent the last weeks or months hearing "it's going to look really red at first and then there's going to be a blue shift," don't panic at first and the polls closed and we immediately turned into flailing-arms Kermit?

It's too early to call either way. Relax. Either it'll be fine and you're panicking for nothing, or it won't and you're wasting your brief period of hope.

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Honestly if I was DC I would probably be like "yep we needed this" too.

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uspol, weed 

DC, meanwhile, is all "I'll see your weed and raise you magic mushrooms."

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