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@kaelanisays Noun-wise, a jawn can literally be anything (though sometimes it gets rejected as improper usage), but it has that self-made, home-grown, Philly-created-in-someone's-garage feel to it.

If jawn were a verb -- to jawn or jawning -- what would it mean?

My biggest concern about buying a house is whether or not it's haunted. On a scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being the spookiest, I can handle about a 3.

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There is another plot of tribal land in New Jersey that is owned by the Nanticoke Lenape. It was purchased (not given to) in 1995. The Nanticoke Lenape are recognized by the state of New Jersey, but not by the federal government.


You can read about New Jersey's recent relationship with Natives in this article.


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Today when I went to the reservation's website, I noticed that even the domain name has been lost. It must have been recent because I checked on it earlier this month. The Wayback Machine says it was last documented on August 9, 2018.


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People think of displacement of Natives as something that happened long ago, but it's still happening. The Rankokus Reservation, the reservation my grandmother took me, was annexed by New Jersey in 2011.

The Rankokus Reservation wasn't a reservation where Natives lived -- it was a field leased from the state of New Jersey that was used for pow wows and other tribal gatherings. And when it was annexed back into Rankokus State Park there was barely a peep about it in the news.

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Today in history: The first Indian reservation was established in Shamong Township, New Jersey. The 3,000-acre reservation was created for the local Lenape (sometimes called Delaware) community, and called the Brotherton reservation.

In 1801 New Jersey sold the land and many of the Natives were scattered from New York state to Oklahoma. But many stayed and experienced being shuffled around from reservation to reservation within the state of New Jersey.


I don't know how Spotify brought me here, but there's a ska version of "Dayman" by a band called "The Bumpin' Uglies" -- and it's kind of brilliant.

You're welcome.


The Pumpkin Spice Latte has returned. I got to write about the history of Pumpkin Spice for USA Today last year. I hope you enjoy this pumpkin spice flavored rabbit hole. usat.ly/2xK2tsi

We put the 'pretzel' in Pretzelvania.

"NYC Pretzels Are Garbage, and Philly Is Finally Here to Save You Fools" via Eater: ny.eater.com/2018/8/27/1778603

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hey fellow jawns! :awareness:

remember that once you're a member of our site you can invite friends who you know and trust to join, too. that gives them access to the same local timeline, and you can encourage them to introduce themselves using the tag. :koolaid:

just go to jawns.club/invites when logged in, and create a link to give to your friends.

piece of :hoagie:

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Love yourself. Enjoy what your hobbies are. Make friends. You are loved.

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