Shouts to The National for the 3-color print job on the insert for “Sleep Well Beast.”

Turns out, there’s an honest-to-god legit indie record store in downtown Lewes, DE. Who knew?

It’s really not that bad, but there is a certain absurdity to it.

TIL that the woman on the front cover of Joyce Manor’s “Never Hungover Again” is, in fact, Frances Quinlan. Now I love both Joyce Manor and Hop Along even more (which I did not realize was possible).

drugs, SV douchebag 

Currently charging my son’s shoes via USB for his first day of school because that’s a thing you do in 2018.

It’s remarkable how quickly Hop Along’s “Bark Your Head Off, Dog” moved along this progression:

* I like it, but I maybe liked their last jawn better
* wait, holy shit, this is great
* this is definitely one of the year’s best records
* telling everyone I know how great this band and record are
* this is definitely one of the decade’s best records
* this record has become my new Emotional Center, my safe harbor 🐘

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