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TIL that the woman on the front cover of Joyce Manor’s “Never Hungover Again” is, in fact, Frances Quinlan. Now I love both Joyce Manor and Hop Along even more (which I did not realize was possible).

Unfortunately, Mastodon right now feels like a prop that I’ve used to mentally renegotiate the terms of my relationship with birdsite.

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please join me on the new mastodon instance i just spun up,, a place for like-minded individuals to beatifically discuss their appreciation of joni mitchell’s 1976 masterpiece

whyyyyyy is the new falafel place on 3rd and market not open yet

The amazing @phillylauren got sick of online marketers harassing women so she mercilessly owned them all with a hilarious website called Problem Bodies.

Read up and give it a whirl!

Oh hell yeah, "No Children" on the office Sonos.

"Content warning" is a great feature, but I've observed that people are overusing it, almost like an email subject line or "open for a surprise. It makes the timeline much harder to parse and consume.

Tomorrow, I’m gonna drive about 200 miles to drink some beers in grass parking lots and watch an amateur football blowout with over 100,000 of my closest friends and I CAN’T WAIT.

Dropped into my local record store around lunchtime. Clerk saw me, walked over and said “Dude, I have a truckload of new, super clean 80s indie and alternative in, but that copy of ‘Green’ I posted on Insta last night just walked out the door.”

I feel very Seen. It feels good.

… and so much of being a "bad dad" on the internet is "dude, how the hell did you let your kid get into Imagine Dragons?"

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So much of being a "proud dad" on the internet is "wow, my kid now likes this pop culture thing that I also like!"

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Listening to the audiobook of "Insanely Simple"[^1] and the author tells a story about Steve Jobs proudly demoing a "with special offers" version of OS 9 that would ship with a 60-second startup commercial, along with other ads throughout the OS.

I'm going to maybe spend the rest of the day thinking about this alternate timeline.

[1] Goodreads:

Currently charging my son’s shoes via USB for his first day of school because that’s a thing you do in 2018.

I don’t want it to sound like I’m saying all my bad tendencies are all Twitter’s fault, but it’s nice to not have that lever to pull in order to get bad-for-me treats.

A seemingly intentional design decision of Mastodon that I quite like: No quote-toots. Either boost or reply.

I know that I have been guilty of using the quote tweet on birdsite to dunk on someone in the search for likes and retweets. I did it just last night, in fact. Got a bunch of likes, made me feel smugly good, but also very bad at the same time.

This is the type of thing I mean when I say “twitter encourages me to be my worst self.”

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