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We are doing again I see. Cool!

I’m Logan. 35 years old, married, service industry veteran. 2 years ago I decided to switch careers into tech. I’m a full time business administrator at the University of Pennsylvania where I also attend school full time. I’m pursuing a BA in Cognitive Science: Computation and Cognition and soon a Masters in Computers and Information Tech in the School of Engineering.

Super into and & I have no free time.

Welcome new folks!

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If you're not in favour of universal and unconditional:

🍍 Housing
🍍 Drinkable water
🍍 Food
🍍 Medical care
🍍 Income

If it's your considered belief that some people literally deserve to die of starvation or exposure or something because they aren't good enough at *making money*:

You're a monster, please un-follow me

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My older brother is a lawyer up in Boston and has spent all day defending the counter-protesters of the Straight Pride Parade. All charges dismissed. I'm super proud of him

hahahaha my grad program sent out a link to a resumé bank of folks that graduated and at first I was like "oh this will be a nice resource" and then after looking at them I'm in full on OH FUCK I'M SO FAR BEHIND mode

like time to figure out how to build 6 projects and do 2 internships while working full-time and doing 2 degrees full-time i guess. and in the next ~16 months.


back in philly after 2 weeks in clean, organized european countries and it feels not great

did some pre-vacation hair things.

headed to europe tmrw - a week in switzerland, a week in sardinia. cya on the flippity flop.

dealing with work voicemails protip:

1. let them age out for like 2 weeks without listening to them because anxiety about not having listened to them

2. assume that no followup in 2 weeks means they are no longer relevant

3. delete without listening

little things - being listed as an associate on the website of a place here at penn feels like grad school is real.

MH, health, anxiety 

....and I managed to avoid mentioning that the comp sci grad school program I start in the fall will affect my on-site work schedule.

All in all, calling it a win. I was tipped off that this middle manager had intentions of trying to increase my responsibilities in the area of grants management (which I am not qualified to do and have no interest in doing) and I avoided that completely.

Goal setting meeting completed. I managed to package stuff that I already wanted / planned to do - lead a sustainability certification thingy for the office to get ppl to be more mindful of wasting energy and supplies, formalize process documentation for my job in anticipation of graduating in 2 years, and a clinical data analytics / biz intelligence 'internship' with the primary care service line adjacent to our office.

I have a "goal setting" meeting for the first time in 3 years with a middle manager.

What's the best way to say "I'm good. The endless growth mindset of capitalism is abhorrent. I'm focused on my education and am happy to stay at my current level of responsibility and engagement for the rest of geological time, here."

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messing around with hugo for static site gen - pretty great!

@pb thanks for bringing the gopher client back online in 2016 for mefi. i never used it, but it did result in me getting a trivia question right yesterday on learnedleague. =)

anyone else going to see the national tonight at the mann? so stoked! the new album is sooooo good.

just got the word and...


to submatriculate into the school of engineering here at Penn.

Absolutely amazing. So happy. Gahhhhhhhhhh what a relief.

waiting for Penn to tell me if I was accepted for submatriculation into the school of engineering and it's only been a week and I'm dying ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Every now and then I get the notion to go listen to one of the bands of my youth. Much more often than not, they have not aged well nor do the songs I loved then hold up.

But you know what? Pavement still slaps.

I've been lurking here and not posting for no reason other than I am so busy that I have no internal energy currency to spend on posting.

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With the introduction of polls on some Mastodon instances, I decided to start the 1st Inofficial Programming Language World Championships! #plwc2019

It's a knockout tournament where 32 programming languages compete against each other, and you decide the winner of each round by voting.

Sadly only a select few instances support polls so far and you won't see them on Fedilab just yet. Check the website!

Today's matchups:

PHP v Bash
Object Pascal v D

Spread the toot, let's make this a fun one!

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