my best friend is gone

just inescapable crushing griefscape right now

okay jawns club, who's playing animal crossing? let's be friends.

if anyone wants to hop on a call to smoke weed and play hearthstone bgs, hit me up

this masto instance feels super dead and like i'm just shouting into the void. can't decide if bug or feature.

one small silver lining is i didn't have to take my nail polish off this morning to go to the office.

today's mood is: i am so fucking done with a) capitalism writ large and b) this piece of shit country.

whatever. time to smoke more and listen to soothing tycho tracks and play videogames because well...i don't know how else to take care of myself right now.

and i'm lucky to still have a job - my partner was laid off almost immediately (restaurants)

i am back to (remote) work and (remote) school tomorrow and i have no idea how the fuck i'm supposed to lock in for that. but i am going to, because i do not have a choice.

i just laid in bed doomscrolling and freaking the fuck out.

i haven't left my house since a grocery run on 3/16. i have supplies and stuff but i literally did not get out of bed today until 6pm.

not because i was asleep (i wasn't most of the time) but just out of pure depression anxiety and mental health shit

idk. i'll come back to this toot in 7 days and feel nostalgic for today, i am certain.

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so i'm feeling very fucking scared right now, tbh.

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so because i work for a primary care academic medicine dept i have two streams of social media info: the 95% that is a mix of ppl sharing fun quarantine vids and political stuff, and the 5% that are my healthcare worker colleagues who are...just desperate.

prolly like 10 years since my last wake and bake

ben gibbard's daily live show from home is on right now. every day at 7pm ET.

if anyone not laid off feels like gifting me the animal crossing i would love that ty

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