oh also should be a thing i dunno what we should do - maybe a giant mariokart meetup or we all join antifa or something but we can't let that hashtag go to waste

@logan_life I also don't know what to do with it but let's start planning now.

At the very least, maybe a Meetup + new member drive?

@alexhillman @logan_life would non mastojawns be welcome at y’alls meetup?

@Satsuma @alexhillman all are welcome that have the spirit of jawn, regardless of geographical proximity

@logan_life @alexhillman my geographical proximity is correct, its the instance my account is on thats not :)

@alexhillman @logan_life I feel like a month about “things” is needed. Side project jeans, a show jawn & tell night, a “peep this jawn” night of story telling, and maybe a “transformation jawn” - either something about change that’s happened or a month long project that chronically a change (could be more about Janus and change). I don’t know, just spit balling here.

@pat @alexhillman i like where your heads at pat - kind of melding the networking / project support strength of tech jawn with the community building aspect.

@alexhillman i think a new member drive is definitely in order, and a meetup would be great. thinking about what kind of meetup would be best for philly in january. leaning towards frankford hall or SPIN? hmm.

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