GOT Spoilers 

1.) That Danny arc was always gonna happen. The foreshadowing had been there since season 2. Shit - they *showed* us the ashes in the thrown room. It 100% tracks with her character.

2.) That scene was Jamie’s death scene. I’ll bet good money Cersei is still alive.

3.) Jon is still a dick for not booping Ghost

The ladies behind me are talking about a “coming to Jesus party” for their mother... as in... Mom got churched... and now I am way more interested in their misuse of common phrases than maybe I should be

I just had to explain what a chode is to my in-laws because scrabble

@mikeyil If you need recommendations I know people with opinions on such things

Sometimes I’ll eat a bagel just because spooning cream cheese directly in my mouth is “weird.”

There is a shocking lack of gritty memes in Manhattan...


Running out of coffee and water at a conference charging $900 a ticket is kinda unacceptable.

These signs are obnoxious first thing in the morning.

It’s getting real hard to pretend things are ok in a “maybe I should start carrying my passport with me at all times just in case” kind of way.

@alexhillman I think I _do_ remember hearing you knew CSS...

Dropped my car off for service at my dealership this morning. Used to be they had an employee who would give me a ride anywhere I wanted when I did this - but I’d have to wait until they got back from the last run. Now they have a contract with Uber X to pick me up.

I’m now torn between how much of a better experience this is for me as a customer and the fact that my vendor dropped a good job in favor of cheap “contract” labor.

Probably morbid 

I hope I get an 8 minute warning on my last breath so I can go out listening to the solo riff at the end of Weezer's Only In Dreams.

As much as I love what John Oliver is doing the whole "yelling a silly joke" thing wears me out fast.

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