The folks on South 13th take this very seriously!


Longwood Gardens is epic this December and you folks should go there.

Didn’t do any dungeon crawling at pax but got some loot!

Planning to hit New Orleans in January, winter doesn't look that bad in there and shouldn't be as packed as Mardi Gras. Hope still is still open :D

So WF still had fresh organic turkeys (pretty sure this was frozen at some point but I can't be picky right now) so that's what I'm doing :D

If I wanted to do a turkey this weekend where would I find a non-frozen antibiotic free and preferably heritage turkey in Philly?

Friend is planing a trip to Portugal and I'm going through the planning with him AND I WANT TO GO BACK AGAIN OMG 😭 😍 🇵🇹

This is what you all missed by not going to IndyHall’s Friendsgiving, pão de queijo and Dulce de leche!

‪Boat. Of. Gravy. With. Straw.‬ :gritty: 🦃
‪We Asked Gritty About Thanksgiving, 'Zamboni Dust' and Shoving That Kid in the Penalty Box

That moment you decide to cook something traditional but then you're like, oh noes, this might be too much for people not used to it 😂 😆 😅

Just what everyone needs Thanksgiving Week.
Throw out your Romaine Lettuce.
Scrub down your fridge.
Salad is trying to kill you.

If you know how to program, like electronic music, and are in Philly or can get here, I have something awesome for you to come to in December

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Vintage SnowBeast.
Because, just what everyone needed to see today was a picture of a little white dog in the snow. :T

In case you want to do some good this weekend. Go protest the Nazis who are protesting in front of the American Jewish Museum on Saturday.

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