Tapioca, from the Tupi (native Brazilian language) for “bread house”, a flatbread made from cassava flour, is a staple in Brazilian cuisine 😍

Nothing in my life recently has felt more “mid-30s” than scheduling an evening to play Smash Bros approximately 4 weeks in advance.

This is inclusive of all the rigamarole around being 8 months pregnant.

Every single soul we’ve met in New Orleans is happy, can we move half these folks to Philly? Is it something in the water? In the food? There has to be some explanation to it 😂

Big thanks to the Philadelphia JavaScript Developers meetup for inviting me to give my talk on design principles for non-designers (entitled "I took your idea and I made it better") last night! Great crowd, great people...thanks for laughing at my jokes, and here's to many more! 💜

Enlightment Now by Steven Pinker is a great book.

Anyone traveling these past few weeks? Going to New Orleans this weekend and unsure what to expect of TSA. Even longer lines?

Hey my jawns! Happy new year. ✨🎉✨

Come see me on stage at Philly Improv Theater next week thursday, I’m a guest storyteller in this wacky show that scares the bejeezus out of me!


Tix are less than $10 and it’s sure to be a fun time.

Gonna try to stir fry in an induction range, this is going to be _interesting_.

Moar boardgames, now I just need more people to play them hahaha :D

Magic Maze was definitely this year's best purchase in boardgames, addictive, maddening and drives people nuts every single time. So much fun to see 8 people around a table trying to move the pieces in the board and not being able to HAHAHAHA.

@mauriciojr you just reminded me of talesandtours.com/guide/969/th which is in that vein, and awesome, but I agree it'd be great to have this in a more general sense. want to start a non-profit startup? :)

Why don't we have apps that act as a podcast audioguide to touring cities? Or we do have those and I just don't know how to find them?

When I order a hot dog this is what I’m looking for, not a bun and a sausage. There is a sausage somewhere here though.

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