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Going for v2 now that there are so many people here!

My name’s Mike & I’m into humans, , & change. I like helping become mindful & intentional within their lives, & learning to be true to themselves & their desires/needs. I’m working to do this with businesses, too, as a way to make work better; e.g. more enjoyable & more meaningful for all.

I love , & hiking, & all things outdoors; & especially love .

Excited to meet everyone here!


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Hi new friends and all who are new to this :jawn2: !

Just a friendly reminder to checkout the really important Code of Conduct (CoC) for here:

It talks about things like inclusion, etiquette, how to make friends, how to invite people, and of course, what not to do and how to get banned.

Personally I want to see this place as diverse, inclusive, and reflective of the amazing city we all live in, so this CoC is really important to me.

Hope you check it out.

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My (re) !

Hi, I'm Mike! I live in Germantown and (used to) love the .

I'm into long-term sustainable thinking, from to to society to civilization, and I love talking , , and . I really dig the creative side of business, and the business side of .

My partner @ariellemargot and I are both into community building, so I'm excited to see this Philly jawn get rollin'!

Please say hi any time. Now seeking new friends😬


@miketannenbaum the mosquitoes are coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE! 👻

This sweet girl is home from the kitty hospital. Fave for scritches, boost for bonus tuna treats 🐟

It’s October and I’m getting chewed up my mosquitoes. What is this world coming to?!?!

It's taken me a decade but I've fallen in love with Reddit.


Their communities of plant lovers, succulent lovers, DIYers and more have really been the best way for me to get personalized help and responses for almost all situations I've sought help.

I'll post something about a plant and within 30 minutes have multiple answers.


I would love to see lots of peeps at Barcamp this November

if you've never been to Barcamp Philly, here's what you need to know:

- it's got nothing to do with a bar
- it's got nothing to do with camping
- it has EVERYTHING to do with learning and sharing and having important conversations and doing awesome creative stuff that makes Philly better.

Happy day! Just got my ticket because BarCamp Philly is the best event of the year! Come meet cool people, learn new things, explore new ideas, and have the best time possible. Join us!!

What is this weird blue and yellow stuff in the sky?


I don't understand.

I thought it was always rainy and cloudy and thunderstormy in Philadelphia.

This perfect weather is freaking me out...


okay topic starter... who here follows/supports someone on Patreon? if so, (if you're interested in sharing), who? why?

for me I have a few, but the one I'd like to highlight... Orla Gartland ( She creates music 2 original songs a month. Instead of releasing EPs she releases them to her Patreons.

if you have a Patreon page, tell us about it! and why!

let us know, I'd like to hear about the people support!


I think what we all just want are online spaces where we can connect with other people over lifestyles, interests, challenges, whatever.

Instead, what we got are brands flocking to where the people are, and completely ruining and destroying the organically human digital spaces.

I think we've gone over this before but I'm blanking:

What's your favorite Spotify playlist, artist, album(s) to do some deep work to? Thinking, writing, etc.

I'm over the whole "atmospheric airy calm" stuff but also over the basic beats.

Who's got good stuff?

My favorite question to use as an icebreaker, intro, meeting kickoff, whatever:

What has your attention these days?

Really helps people open up and start to feel comfortable with you and the environment you’re in, especially if you’re strangers just coming together for the first time.

Shows that you’re curious about them, and people love that.

I haven’t been on this jawn in a week due to a new client engagement and traveling.

What’s I miss?

How are things?

What’s new?

Loving this fall weather, eh?

Typing questions in lines now, are we?

Probably time to step away from the computer.


Hey everyone, my friends wanted me to ask you to stop boosting/faving my posts because they didn’t like me being encouraged to try and be funny

Thank you for your understanding

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