The best email client that has ever existed was the original Eudora don't fight me

Is it me or are online polyamorous forums and groups being overrun by narcissists and incredibly toxic people?

Skim milk is like the La Croix of milk.

Wow, they really let just any old bird sign up for TikTok

It feels like the whole Depp thing has set online discourse about back 20-40 years.

Waaaay too many people these days treating polyamory like 2020s version of “how having an affair saved my marriage”

Why do I always end up looking for hardware and parts for my shop projects that simply don't exist?

Today's example, looking for ball-end thrust set screws in 10-24 or 10-32, can't find anything, but there are tons of M4 and M5 available :(

Was getting ready to hunker down for a bad thunderstorm and looked out the window and caught this

Because of this ambiguity, it's also unclear whether or not Trump (and the US) violated the memorandum by withholding aid in 2019 during the Trump-Ukrainian scandal.

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Even if it is a treaty, it doesn't impose any obligation of military assistance to any of the parties. The only requirement there is consultation among the parties if there is a concern about the commitments from the Budapest memorandum.

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The other confusing thing is that no one seems to be sure if the Budapest memorandum qualifies as an international treaty. Some feel it's just a political good will sort of thing, and others feel it's legally binding treaty.

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But the Budapest memo was signed in 1994 which predates the Union state. Should the union state exempt Belarus from the protections afforded by the memorandum?

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For instance, some folks consider the first violation to be the 2013 US sanctions on Belarus. But this is complicated because of the Russian federation 'Union State' which didn't officially form until 1997.

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Been digging into the Budapest Memorandum and while it seems super simple at first, of course there are many complications which make alot of things super murky.

About to buy a CD on eBay because I can't find this album streaming anywhere.

1998 me would be so confused by this sentence

Is there another Evergreen ship stuck again? Yeah buoy!

Random intersection between my software career and time spent in live audio: the scene with Urban Dance Squad where the singer is holding an EV RE-20 as a handheld microphone

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