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1. Old account: Settings > Profile > Move to a different account (at the bottom)
2. Old account: Settings > Data export > Any of the CSV links
3. New account: Settings > Import that CSV
Old account doesn't really redirect so much as tell people you've moved, and people will have to refollow new account.

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I'm a former web designer/developer turned specialist. I'm very passionate about creating a more inclusive, thoughtful world using tech as my medium.

I used to run Geekadelphia and was one of the organizers for the Philly Geek Awards.

I love food, my family and friends, , internet culture and Philly internet culture.

I want to be anywhere in the intersection of people and .

See also:

My wife sent me a vasectomy meme on Instagram.

A former Philly-based developer has a game coming out in 10 days, Wandersong. I planned on purchasing anyway for the purposes of supporting an acquaintance but figured I'd share for youse to check out 😀

Latest addition. Note to everyone: make smaller stickers. I have no more room on my laptop—top, bottom, around the keyboard and trackpad. 😂

I'm offended there's no Katamari Reroll for Switch page on Amazon yet so I can add the game to my Wishlist.

Started playing Spider-Man for PS4 this past weekend and appreciated being able to enable subtitles even before starting. There's more accessibility-related options, such as text size and text background color once you get into the actual game.

‪I just ordered my first Wawa Gobbler for the season and I don’t care what you think. Criticize me and I’m baking Christmas cookies followed by Auld Lang Syne singing.‬

Excited to announce that I will be participating in the Philadelphia Tech In Motion 2018 as a host! Voting is now live for our finalists for Best Tech Startup, Work Culture, Manager, and Workplace for Diversity. Vote now:

Some personal news: I met @Schneiderdelphia IRL
Philly people I haven't met is back down to single digits.

Let’s see if going out to lunch and not taking an umbrella with me ends up being a mistake.

In light of recent scandals, I'd encourage the Catholic Church to just... kinda stop being a thing.

It was a good run of genocide/ethnic cleansing, wars, rape/sexual abuse, colonization and general suppression of indigenous people around the globe for two millennia.

I’m running again so clearly memes are happening.

‪Me: “I’m such an extrovert!”‬
‪Also me: “wow I immediately regret engaging in this social situation”‬

If you’re bored tonight, come check out a Digital Fringe showcase hosted by Philly Game Mechanics. Phillytron will also be there! So you can try out locally made games as well as cool interactive digital art pieces. Details here

Update: I ran this morning and it was my worst recorded run ever in the six and a half years that I've been running. Worse than when I was a pack-a-day smoker. Between getting kids and ourselves ready for school and work, I don't know how people fit gym/exercise into parent life. Still trying to figure that out. Never made the most of it before becoming a parent.

I have a little project where I send people a postcard from the collection I've accumulated and I'm low on sendees. If you're willing to send your address (US only) please get in touch! (Please boost)

I'm behind on my training for the Philly Half but between kids, chores, crap weather, I can't seem to shake this funk. Emotionally, I know I'll feel better once I start running again but that's a mental hurdle I need to overcome.

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