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1. Old account: Settings > Profile > Move to a different account (at the bottom)
2. Old account: Settings > Data export > Any of the CSV links
3. New account: Settings > Import that CSV
Old account doesn't really redirect so much as tell people you've moved, and people will have to refollow new account.

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I'm a former web designer/developer turned specialist. I'm very passionate about creating a more inclusive, thoughtful world using tech as my medium.

I used to run Geekadelphia and was one of the organizers for the Philly Geek Awards.

I love food, my family and friends, , internet culture and Philly internet culture.

I want to be anywhere in the intersection of people and .

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We need 439 more signups to launch Philadelphia on Lunchclub馃殌 Be a founding member today and start meeting other relevant professionals!

This thread on underlining links/fixing color contrast on Mastodon is QUITE the read. I'm not even caught up on it.

However, I loved this quote from @aardrian, "Let's not argue for the documented failures of another platform as an excuse to also be less accessible. Let's try to be better than the competition. We can make the same argument about security, for example. Facebook sells my information, so Mastodon might as well."

When did they create tabs to toggle between "All" and "Mentions" under Notifications on here? Just made this platform a whole lot more usable.

Dropped off kids and made it to the subway by 8:30 but now we鈥檙e stopped. Send your high fives and sighs to the Broad Street Line.

鈥猈as looking at my phone while walking, looked up and was in a field of idle canvassers. That鈥檚 why you should always stay alert, folks. Real dangers out there.鈥

Woman we鈥檙e acquainted with introduced her Asian boyfriend whom she just moved in with to us tonight. She looked at my wife and said, 鈥淲e love Asians!鈥 and followed up with 鈥淵ellow fever amirite?鈥 I cringed the yellow right off my ass.

Signing up for Be My Eyes, which connects people who are blind or have low vision anonymously with a volunteer through video chat for things they may need help with. A friend of mine recently had her first call and helped somebody pick out matching shoes. At the time of writing this, according to the app, there are 109,399 blind users and 1,844,451 volunteers signed up to assist them.

鈥淧hiladelphia brand cream cheese has almost nothing to do with the city of Philadelphia!鈥, he shouted in 12 languages while traveling Europe for the rest of his life trying to reclaim the name of his home city.

People like to make stripper jokes when holding lots of bills but I was just in line at the bank to deposit my wife's actual (burlesque) stripper cash.

My uncle did not like my Facebook post about me going to get a vasectomy consultation, lol.

Me: "I have a 1pm meeting, if I am going to actually leave the building for lunch I need to do it promptly if not early."
Also me: "I sat around debating lunch for 20 minutes in my head so sad desk lunch it is."

Feels like most of the weekend was . It was overwhelming at times but I had a great experience. The convention is so huge, I could see it being extended to five days, if not a week. Great thing for Philadelphia.

How ya doin' I feel like I can't wake up today.

The worst part about working in a dense open office so far is definitely how often people can see me Saturn-Devouring-His-Son-ing a grande breakfast scrambler burrito from Taco Bell in the morning. Also, there are no trash cans at our desks, so I must walk to hide the evidence.

If I knew the price of conjuring Gritty would鈥檝e cost the Eagles鈥 power, I never would鈥檝e participated in the dark summoning ritual.

Also! If you wanna encourage other peeps to join the action here, point them to to get signed up!

Admiring the people who brought their kids to @BarCampPhilly. Can't wait to bring our kiddos.

鈥狢ome see my talk, 鈥淩eframing the Conversation around Digital Accessibility鈥 at 2:15pm in F55! I鈥檒l give a 101 on digital accessibility, the audience and an empathetic way to look at how we talk and think about it in our work.

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