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1. Old account: Settings > Profile > Move to a different account (at the bottom)
2. Old account: Settings > Data export > Any of the CSV links
3. New account: Settings > Import that CSV
Old account doesn't really redirect so much as tell people you've moved, and people will have to refollow new account.

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I'm a former web designer/developer turned specialist. I'm very passionate about creating a more inclusive, thoughtful world using tech as my medium.

I used to run Geekadelphia and was one of the organizers for the Philly Geek Awards.

I love food, my family and friends, , internet culture and Philly internet culture.

I want to be anywhere in the intersection of people and .

See also:

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Also! If you wanna encourage other peeps to join the action here, point them to to get signed up!

Admiring the people who brought their kids to @BarCampPhilly. Can't wait to bring our kiddos.

‪Come see my talk, “Reframing the Conversation around Digital Accessibility” at 2:15pm in F55! I’ll give a 101 on digital accessibility, the audience and an empathetic way to look at how we talk and think about it in our work.

Come say hi if you’re at today! I’m wearing a fried chicken sweater.

My whole Instagram feed is naked people wearing their ⁠ ⁠stickers.

Everyone keeps saying Amazon would've brought jobs to their city. People have been saying it around here in Philly. But the kind of jobs it would've brought in would've benefited highly paid tech workers from outside of the region who would be moving to the area for the first time.

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⚪ Single
⚪ In a relationship
🔘 Please vote

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Hello Tooters, I keep forgetting to hop back on here. I'm sorry. Anyway, I'm back today with this important message: GO VOTE! And to those that voted, thank you!

Today is my last day at . It’s been a pleasure to work with so many incredible and talented people over the past four and a half years. Thank you for years of opportunity, support, motivation, inspiration, and fun. I’m very excited to continue innovating and advocating for inclusive design, especially for people with disabilities. On Monday, I start my new role as Product Manager with my Comcast Accessibility Team.

More reflections on Medium:

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Artist Joe Boruchow has made the four "To The Polls" images below available for you to download, distribute, and post. Spread these works and remind everyone to vote on Tuesday, November 6th.

You can access them here:

Colorado and Wyoming shaped cutting boards make for great gifts.

A reverse Sixth Sense where I play a ghost that people are always cutting off on foot, walking into, smushing into elevator walls and crushing in subways... but [plot twist] I was alive the whole time.

I got quite mad the other day when I remembered the K-Cup cafe that opened up on the Suburban Station Concourse. Yes, K-Cups. The whole cafe was just filled with serve yourself Keurig machines. It closed after five months to allegedly switch up locations. I'm honestly surprised it lasted as long as it did.

‪Spent 5 minutes on a local software company’s site, still no idea what they do. It’s too early for this. Was reminded of the site of a former agency I worked for since their whole brand was being too confusing to the layperson. Their site was still a mess of copy.‬

‪Fell down a rabbit hole of reading this former workplace’s exceptionally bad Glassdoor reviews. *kisses fingers*‬

‪This is my morning coffee.‬

‪This city is wild. I’ve never seen something escalate this quickly.‬

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update. My next laptop will definitely by limited to local tech, design and adjacent companies and orgs.

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