‪Come see my talk, “Reframing the Conversation around Digital Accessibility” at 2:15pm in F55! I’ll give a 101 on digital accessibility, the audience and an empathetic way to look at how we talk and think about it in our work.

Today is my last day at . It’s been a pleasure to work with so many incredible and talented people over the past four and a half years. Thank you for years of opportunity, support, motivation, inspiration, and fun. I’m very excited to continue innovating and advocating for inclusive design, especially for people with disabilities. On Monday, I start my new role as Product Manager with my Comcast Accessibility Team.

More reflections on Medium: link.medium.com/qgNJbubVkR

‪This city is wild. I’ve never seen something escalate this quickly.‬

update. My next laptop will definitely by limited to local tech, design and adjacent companies and orgs.

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TIL Path was still around and is now shutting down. Great little app, but no real market for it.

Hi Tooters. Kinda forgot about youse for a little bit there. Sorry about that. I come bearing email screenshots from a tech recruiter.

Latest addition. Note to everyone: make smaller stickers. I have no more room on my laptop—top, bottom, around the keyboard and trackpad. 😂

Started playing Spider-Man for PS4 this past weekend and appreciated being able to enable subtitles even before starting. There's more accessibility-related options, such as text size and text background color once you get into the actual game.

when you run into a running friend and they tell you about their three upcoming marathons and one half marathon and you're a human sloth

‪Post this to your neighborhood Facebook group, unfollow the post and never look back.‬

:patco: birdsite account lol 

when on an alt account to harness negative energy on here


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