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I think we need a thread of Gritty themed cocktails around the city.

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⚠️ Info about Racists Rallying in Philly next week. Contains Birdsite and FB links. 

On Nov. 17, The Proud Boys and such have planned a march on the area around Independence Hall and the National Museum of American Jewish History.
Personally, I am not amused.
If you’re like minded and able, go make some noise and drown them out.
Information in Birdsite thread below.

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politics / Wawa vs sheetz 

@SpaceInvaderZim not your fault, it's WaWa's fault. I prefer to know the horrible reality.

this shop is playing a mumford & sons cover of .. friend of the devil, and I have questions

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Slightly updated and coffee as is it is illegal to do this without posting a pic of it

woot just remembered to buy a couple barcamp tickets before earlybird ends even though I'm not 100% sure I can go

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Hey jawns - did you hear tix are on sale? Get the early bird rate til 11:59pm on Sunday Oct 14. Get the deets here ->

wow so tl:dr, Chuck Grassley is a grade A Asshole

So anyway that's why I think September 26th should be a Federal Holiday, thanks for coming to my TED talk.

If you need any further excuse to drink, check out the list of all the times we were only a bad mood or two from Mutually Assured Destruction:

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Happy Continued-Existence Day! Wednesday is the 35th anniversary of that time Stanislov Petrov may have saved the whole world by deciding, on his own, NOT ONCE BUT TWICE, to ignore the incoming missile detection system that it was his job to respond to.


Gritty is the final form of philly mascots. We thought The Phanatic was who we were, but now the mask is off and the true horror is revealed.

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,


not gonna lie i'm proud of this one

best part of mastodon so far is that the federated timeline is straight garbage so I have no desire to look at it ever, this really cuts down on the distraction factor.

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