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Opted for A. and added a healthy apple to hopefully squash my craving for chocolate...

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At Indy Hall's Finish Up Weekend and need a little break. I've been good and have stayed away from social media for most of the day. I'm definitely getting things done, but I need either A) more coffee B) some exercise or C) a gorgeous dessert of sorts with CHOCOLATE. 😬

Here’s something fun and embarrassing I just endured: I accidentally mooned an entire corridor of con goers about 15 minutes ago. My dress rode up under my backpack as I was walking along. One person ran up behind me to alert me. So many people... just. saw. my. bum. 😑 Silver lining? I’m wearing tights. Good times.

My Jawns! It’s been a while since I’ve tooted. At my first SPX with Maki. Come get your comics! Table N5B.

My Monday just got a little bit better. Ramen for dinner tonight - can't wait for rainy day noodles!

Watching “Death Becomes Her” again. Probably the 5th or 6th time. It means a lot more now that I’m a bit older in the way that I understand the characters a bit more.

I just spent an hour playing dress up - something I haven’t done forever. It was FUN! My aim was to toss old stuff (like super old stuff I’ve held onto and haven’t worn in years). Of course, I ended up keeping a lot of what I was going to toss after trying everything on and having a throwback fashion show. I probably won’t wear those items until my next “let’s clean the closet” fashion show in 3+ years... Damn it.

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Don't you dare to call people without disabilities, "normal users" when working with me or in general, period. This implies people without disabilities are abnormal, simply because you lack the experience, empathy and understanding of how to include those users in your requirements, designs and technology.

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I'm in the process of updating a lot in my business (messaging/visuals/brand). I'm basically going through processes I have in place for my clients who are either starting their business or refreshing things. The good thing is, my processes are spot on and uncover a lot. Lots of breakthroughs! On the other hand, whoa! I have a lot of work to do to get things to where I'd like to be. One step at a time - reminding myself as I do my clients. ...but instant gratification NOW! Ha! ;)

End of day belly ache. I thought it might have been hunger, but nope. Still there. 😖

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The Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion had most of their insects stolen and now they need your help! Please donate and boost! 🐜🦗🦂🐞🐝🐛🕷

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It’s 6am and this is Franz, the ground hog.

He apparently lives in the planter outside our dining room.

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Good morning. We're lucky. We're alive. Let's do the thing we do and do it well.

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Thousands of rare, irreplaceable insects stolen.
Likely inside job. This is the weirdest Philly story I've read in a while.

/ht @lesschinski & @natesmith

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Had a hot and spicy bowl of ramen on a 95° day, AMA. 🍜

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