🗞I quit my job and my last day at work was yesterday.

I'm not planning to work in computing for at least a year.

I will still be at Strange Loop if they have it 🤷‍♀️

No, I'm not okay, but that's also okay. I've had migraines for months (nearly every day) and I can't handle it.

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happy friday, everyone! i think i’ll celebrate by finally telling you all about how i was this close 🤏🏽 to returning to @hashicorp@twitter.com and how ridiculously shitty they were to me at the end of my re-application process.

it all started in early May, and ended not even two weeks later

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Attracting remote workers means good city policy – that's the root! Affordable housing, education … things that are good for everyone are good for remote workers. Not just "big cheap houses in the suburbs"

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Even when I'm exhausted from bourgeois house arrest.

Streeteries should stay, and contribute to the life of the city. Remove parking requirements for buildings and fund public transit. Hire like whoa for the Streets department because workers are going to be quitting

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That said, "remote work" only applies to a quite narrow class of work. You can't have remote garbage people. I don't want to visit a remote coffee shop. In-person industries have been overworked, jerked around, and are exhausted for very good reason …

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Particularly attracting tech workers is a redistribution of income out of the Valley and into Philadelphia's economy, supporting social services, the arts, and the CITY we want to live in.

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Remote work is *not* only people sitting in their suburban castles, but can be remote workers who CHOOSE to live in the city (and pay for it in property, wage taxes, and others esp. if they are independents)

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That means public transit (mentioned in the article), but also coworking spaces and *places* for workers to go other than their city apartments. The libraries being closed to in-person being, and the general closure of public space the last 18 months, has been crushing.

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This piece about how Philly is at-risk with the shift to remote work *almost* gets to the point but still misses it: inquirer.com/business/philly-j

Remote work in Philadelphia is not about a collapse of downtown because of no offices. It's about a LIVEABLE Philadelphia 🧵

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I am thrilled for America that @Erie@twitter.com has been appointed the Acting CTO for the @FTC@twitter.com and senior policy advisor for FTC Chair @linakhanFTC@twitter.com. Cannot wait to see what the two accomplish together.

@erie@twitter.com is an incredible champion for consumers 👏👏



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Today, @WHYY@twitter.com execs raised the threat of layoffs during union wage negotiations if we did not agree to their unreasonable demands.

This is an unconscionable stance. Here’s why 🧵 (1/6)

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Use Firefox Focus as the default browser on your phone 💞

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There’s another thing about dining technology that might give patrons pause: When you look at an online menu, the website begins to track you trib.al/5NmHAXl

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terribly honored to be included in this @FastCompany@twitter.com piece (in SUCH good company). I talked about what the last year has been like watching companies give a lot of lip service to anti-racism - tl;dr: we have a long way to go: fastcompany.com/90644593/black

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Other note, I've become a big fan of @Charityvest@twitter.com in this process, if people use other things to give their money away, also cool. I also use @ynab@twitter.com in my toolkit as well

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So starting last year I began making good on a long-term goal to start giving my money away, starting with getting to 10% of my income going to causes (both nonprofits and political). Would "Give your money away, and make it boring" be an interesting read?

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In a blast from the past, @mattklein123@twitter.com gives a mini thesis on his career progression. I really like seeing these stories. There is more than one path to success. twitter.com/mattklein123/statu

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by "about to" I mean "click now"! These shows are only 20-30 minutes, so enjoy some interesting visuals and music w ur lunch or chilling

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PhillyAV's "Monthly Quarterly" about to go down! featuring guest artist @flordefuego4@twitter.com

Live on YT but you should be able to see it if u miss it:

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ICYMI, we're doing a free two-day virtual conference on observability, June 9-10. I (maybe) promise to sidebar all the talks MST3K-style in the chat! o11ycon-hnycon.io/

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