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Got busy today and made a thing! It started as me just collecting links that I find on social media but it kinda grew.

Still adding and categorizing more and more resources to it so let me know of any good resources to add!


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UPDATED BAIL RELIEF THREAD: I located the initial list via @MatthewACherry@twitter.com I took time and went thru each one, added the Org name, vetted their websites and social media to ensure credibility. I also went to see who is no longer accepting donations and/or has redirected donators

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mass protests in a pandemic is incredibly dangerous and it is absolutely irresponsible of the cops to have caused this

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put your money where your hashtags are: i will match up to $5000 of donations right now to bail funds & direct aid groups. links to donate in this thread. reply or DM with your donation receipt and i’ll double it. please RT twitter.com/bailfundnetwork/st

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Includes Louisville, my hometown. Additionally, the only indie women's health clinic was damaged the other night and could use your support:


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Originally performed at @EulerRoom@twitter.com Equinox, hadn't made a recorded version yet.

Full song: beats.thewebivore.com/philadel

There's 63 ideas in here so far, so only 16 pages remain (and then ??)

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What strange long running art projects do you all have? I have a tiny composition notebook where I put a career/trajectory idea on each page, started it in 2009

From Carnegie Mellon: half of "reopen America" accts on Twitter are bots ... much larger than the "normal" number scs.cmu.edu/news/nearly-half-t

Contact tracing scares me *a lot*

The Lives of Others should be a required-to-watch film.

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News surprising hopefully no one, there's a contact tracing CVE: cve.circl.lu/cve/CVE-2020-1285

"allows remote attackers to conduct long-term re-identification attacks and possibly have unspecified other impact, because of how Bluetooth is used."

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If you want to see

Open streets for people
Protected bike lanes
Bus-only lanes
More space for outdoor dining

Add your name to the Recovery Streets Petition and show your support for safer streets in Philly


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My gf has been into watching Burning Man DJ sets so I made this song called "Desert"


Here's a visual of the first 2 mins:

Continuing to make my "things I really wish my city/state/country would do" public policy list ever longer

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Italy just decided to buy bicycles for everyone who lives in an Italian city


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swear I reference this like once a week now thewebivore.com/printing-out-a one day i'll remember it. maybe.

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Learn Elm with tweets!

0. This will be a sequence of tweets (spawning several days) where I’ll try to summarise my @elmlang@twitter.com learning. If you’ve heard of it but you don’t really have the time to dive into it, hopefully these tweets will be enough to give you a taster. 🧵

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🐝 I would like it if you watched something I made about how the web and I grew up together (only if you have 15 uninterrupted minutes to spare) ashleyblewer.com/throttled.htm

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