Hello! I'm Rob. I'm a moral philosopher living in . I'm interested in , yoga, , , and issues.

I use @robhughes for work-related posts. I'm joining to find out about news and events in .

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Welcome to Jawns, Rob! What's the angle of ashtanga in yoga?


Thanks, Tim!

Ashtanga is a fast-moving style of yoga with a set series. At a traditional ashtanga school (like AYS Philadelphia), students show up anytime during a 2-3 hour window and do the part of the series they know. The teacher gives students adjustments and new postures individually. Advanced students learn more series; there are six of them in total.

How is cycling in Philly? I was a cyclist in L.A., but I don't have a bike now.

@rob Cycling is great - especially if you can get to the river drives, and over the Ben Franklin Bridge into Jersey! Hopefully you will grab a bike soon! The yoga sounds fun and interesting!

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