You guys, I'm really happy bc I've been selected to attend the Wharton Seminar for Business Journalists, a 50-year-old training program for reporters in the biz beat.

Past participants of the four-day program include colleagues from The New York Times, The Washington Post and CNN.

And, now, this guy from Venezuela 😭

What's good?

No, like, literally, tell me a thing that has been good for you this morning.

I wonder if, after I retire, I'll look at my golden watch one day, while strolling through some tropical beach and think:

"Oh, look. 5 p.m. I wonder what the Mayor and Governor are doing tomorrow."

Work with words? Need to know word counts for any reason? Quick tip:

I shaved time off my workload by adding the free Better Word Count plugin to Google Docs.

It displays word counts in real time (and character count!) in a neat lil column to spare you the need to click or use keyboard shortcuts.

I'm aware this sounds like a commercial, but it's just been a tremendous help!

So, yet another amazing story sourced from this basket of delectables.

@lesschinski tooted about this event happening at the Science History Institute.

Then with her help I found out there was a really cool three-year project happening there, focused on visibility among STEM researchers with disabilities.

Check it out:

Imma need the DMs to go elsewhere, can't stand the mini-stroke I get each time I see them in the Home column.

In keeping with this group's posi-vibes-only theme:

I'm proud AF of my photog wife for publishing her first ~ paid ~ newborn shoot today.

She did an amazing job after spending most the weekend editing. I'm just in awe of her work ethic and talent. Also the baby is adorbs.

The amazing @phillylauren got sick of online marketers harassing women so she mercilessly owned them all with a hilarious website called Problem Bodies.

Read up and give it a whirl!

@mikeyil my preview of the webinar on the KOP Rail project was No. 1, thank you for your readership.

I've noticed that my accent makes it impossible for me to say jawn and have it not sound like John.

Can you hand me that jawn, John?

Good morning.

Good afternoon, good night.

I'm here to talk about More Life.

Wow, so I'm the only one not currently at the beach huh

Good morning. We're lucky. We're alive. Let's do the thing we do and do it well.

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