Hello, I have brought you my greetings in this fine morning.

Hi, hello.

Quick plug 

Greetings, my fellow Jawns. At 1PM I'm cohosting a Slack AMA on open data and civic tech.

If you're game, come ask questions or listen in on the convo feat. people from the City's open data office, Code for Philly and more.

How do you join? Easy as pie: technical.ly/philly/2018/11/13

Good morning, checking in here with the posi vibes only:

I've been working from home this entire week and it's been amazing for both my productivity and stress levels.

In my country, we didn't lose the right to fair, open elections overnight. It happened in a small cascade of government oversteps.

And it happened amid an overall crackdown of civil liberties so, as you're busy fighting for your right to protest, your right to strike, your right to work, your right to live, you also gotta safeguard your right to free elections.

It doesn't happen overnight. Every civic act counts. Every protest counts.

Also, as a non-citizen alien (what the gov't calls me), thank you all for voting.

You don't know what you have til its gone, believe me.

What's a thing you did or that someone did for you that was good or kind this week?

I just had a thought as I went over the millionth rage tweet about politics: "I wish someone would create something like Twitter, but kind."

I then remembered this existed and logged on HI EVERYONE

Hello hi hello. What's good here besides everything?

Quick question for youse on here: What's the best email tactic you employ to make sure you don't fall behind? I'm at Inbox 100 over here and kinda buggin' out.

You guys, I'm really happy bc I've been selected to attend the Wharton Seminar for Business Journalists, a 50-year-old training program for reporters in the biz beat.

Past participants of the four-day program include colleagues from The New York Times, The Washington Post and CNN.

And, now, this guy from Venezuela 😭

What's good?

No, like, literally, tell me a thing that has been good for you this morning.

I wonder if, after I retire, I'll look at my golden watch one day, while strolling through some tropical beach and think:

"Oh, look. 5 p.m. I wonder what the Mayor and Governor are doing tomorrow."

Work with words? Need to know word counts for any reason? Quick tip:

I shaved time off my workload by adding the free Better Word Count plugin to Google Docs.

It displays word counts in real time (and character count!) in a neat lil column to spare you the need to click or use keyboard shortcuts.

I'm aware this sounds like a commercial, but it's just been a tremendous help!

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