So, yet another amazing story sourced from this basket of delectables.

@lesschinski tooted about this event happening at the Science History Institute.

Then with her help I found out there was a really cool three-year project happening there, focused on visibility among STEM researchers with disabilities.

Check it out:

@robertotorres dude when does start getting a bi-line on these articles 😆

ps i hope me spelling it "bi-line" makes you feel how I feel about "co-working" 😘

@mikeyil @alexhillman we're strictly a "coworking" shop y u gotta do me like that.

And yes, maybe I'll just start a column rounding up these updates.

Mastodon Mondays: Here's who did cool shit last week

@robertotorres @mikeyil haha i appreciate youuuuuu.

Mastodon Mondays has a nice ring to it. This is all happening so fast. :jfdi:

@robertotorres Good article. I had an interview scheduled before I began having health issues, but we will pick it up shortly.

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