For the past 13+ years when ever I've had a coding idea, puzzle, experiment I'd, once I figured it out I'd then toss that code into a folder 'Code Scraps' most likely never to look at it again - just noticed that folder isn't huge but it does have almost 9k files in it - just committed it to a private Repo - once I clean it up a little I think I'll make that public - as a museum of Saul's restlessness and curiosity

@sauldraws what are some highlights? trivial things like how to make a LeftPad or something more involved like training an AI to solve rubik's cubes in 8 millseconds?

@alan things like how to append one html page to another when the user scrolls to the bottom of the one - while still maintaining state - or collapsing table columns, or writing data to cookies / local storage / session storage and append a query to the url simultaneously — nothing earth shattering but stuff that’s come up over time

@sauldraws all good things to know. As a Sr/Lead myself I can tell you're already ahead of a lot of programmers already. I know many mid-level programmers who haven't mastered most of those concepts yet.

@alan I guess that’s good to know, I just solve big problem by breaking them into smaller pieces - it’s like code lego

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