Rolling a newish illustration style out to the world - it’s more fun, more (hopefully) marketable and honestly easier to produce than previous styles (of which I have many) - plus its also a guilt free form of procrastination

Anyone in the market for a leather vintage LL Bean attaché - before I eBay it - some thrift finds I cannot not buy - it’s truly gorgeous.

Everytime I dogsit I draw something crazy I can get lost in - this one is in progress

Doing some cooking today - balsamic carrots, and some pork cracklin, generally making delicious things today (later I’ll be making coconut mint chocolate chip ice cream)

Really rough sketch of a piece I’m planning out - if you dig it, and are willing to commit to purchasing the finished piece based on the sketch - you’ll save 50% and get input on size and color flavor

Stuff you find while - didn’t buy as it would have become yet another project

Please with today’s doodle - want to buy a print? Support my insanity. Let me know!

Put this together in our spare room out of studio odds and ends and hardware I wasn’t using

200 bucks for the pair I do not have the room - but pretty sure that’s a good deal

Thank you thrift store - this is best deal I’ve gotten in ages

Dear Doodle Diary: Of everything I’ve ever draw, this little line drawing is one of my favorites, I’ve lost count of how many *cannibalistic* doodles, ducks, doughnuts, pretzels, hot-dogs, eggs and cows - there’s probably more. I apologize in advance if you’re lactose intolerant - I think I did this vitamin D rich dude in 2015 - I’m not sure if I even own the original of this anymore - I doubt anyone actually this much - but: If you attended my 2016 show and now OWN this guy - let me know.

Happy Valentines Day (I love doing designs like this entirely on my phone)

Dear Doodle Diary: relaxing after a long day - eventually this will be 40 inches tall, available for preorder

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