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Dear Doodle Diary: seems like a valid spot illustration to start 2019 with - thoughts?

Dear Doodle Diary: thinking of taking a butchery class - feels like a skill I should have #27-Dec-2018

Dear Doodle Diary: I want to stay in bed and play video games today rather than working

Gutted my studio yesterday in hopes of a substantially more productive 2019 - shoutout to Langhorne Restore for a few key additions - and sincere apologies to Waste Management and as always thanks to my wife who puts up with this insanity daily

Supposedly admitting you have a problem is a good first step

Dear Doodle Diary: a dystopian double-barreled tulip, a rough idea that’s headed towards something, I promise

Two new thrift finds - not the type of light I planned on when I realized it’s solid metal in great shape and 3.99 I scooped it up, I know nothing about beer steins but it was big and could hold my pens, plus zero chips or cracks

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