I think I’ve tried every wireless mechanical keyboard - and returned them all.

@thomasfuchs I have a decent gluten-free cracker recipe but as of yet not a decent gf bread recipe

Rolling a newish illustration style out to the world - it’s more fun, more (hopefully) marketable and honestly easier to produce than previous styles (of which I have many) - plus its also a guilt free form of procrastination

So (he said while sobbing) it appears my Apple Pencil no longer charges

@thomasfuchs Maxx brings his bowl to me... to inform me it’s empty

Sometimes I things that I sell - sometimes it’s bittersweet - this is definitely one of those times - ebay.to/2pgIEpu

Anyone in the market for a leather vintage LL Bean attaché - before I eBay it - some thrift finds I cannot not buy - it’s truly gorgeous.

I asked 3 separate folks if they wanted to grab some oysters and drinks and got three declines because they don’t like oysters.

Watching - honestly not as good as I remembered

After 10 months of frustration dealing with orthopedic docs - taking a more natural herbal approach to pain management

Found a bag of Wemo switches at the thrift store - 50% off the listed price of 3.99

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@alan I guess that’s good to know, I just solve big problem by breaking them into smaller pieces - it’s like code lego

@thomasfuchs ...this is cat reporting to headquarters... I have secured the vehicle, higher ground has been achieved, transportation enroute, victory shall be ours...

@alan things like how to append one html page to another when the user scrolls to the bottom of the one - while still maintaining state - or collapsing table columns, or writing data to cookies / local storage / session storage and append a query to the url simultaneously — nothing earth shattering but stuff that’s come up over time

For the past 13+ years when ever I've had a coding idea, puzzle, experiment I'd, once I figured it out I'd then toss that code into a folder 'Code Scraps' most likely never to look at it again - just noticed that folder isn't huge but it does have almost 9k files in it - just committed it to a private Repo - once I clean it up a little I think I'll make that public - as a museum of Saul's restlessness and curiosity

@thomasfuchs did you take its saddle off for this photo - you can ride that back to Phoenix

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