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Doing some cooking today - balsamic carrots, and some pork cracklin, generally making delicious things today (later I’ll be making coconut mint chocolate chip ice cream)

I was told today that my art lacks ‘seriousness’... um, yes, that’s precisely the point.

I love her to death but if my wife isn’t a drama queen - she’s at least next in line for the throne

Truth time - I prefer doing my morning doodle analog, haven't touched my iPad in a few weeks

Really rough sketch of a piece I’m planning out - if you dig it, and are willing to commit to purchasing the finished piece based on the sketch - you’ll save 50% and get input on size and color flavor

So far I’ve spent a whopping 21 dollars on my vintage mix-and-match hifi - sounds better than I could ever imagine (sub/speakers/dsp/receiver/salvaged cables)

Ultimately I figure I’ll have spent about 75 bucks when I’m done

Stuff you find while - didn’t buy as it would have become yet another project

If you dig today’s doodle, there’s more...

Sauldraws | Outward Space

Please with today’s doodle - want to buy a print? Support my insanity. Let me know!

Curious if CVS makes more money from meds sales or candy sales

Had an annoying Firefox FOUC issue - turned out it was a pair of valid but empty <pre> tags as the first item in body - strange, but Firefox was right, I left those there accidentally

Can i get a large Iced Tea, but can you heat it up for me?

Watching the flat earth documentary - omg these people are morons, morons with merch.

A coffee shop opened within walking distance of my studio - I will never sleep again, and I can finally quit the gym

Put this together in our spare room out of studio odds and ends and hardware I wasn’t using

I wish I could trust Maxx in the kitchen while food is cooling - almost daily he reinforces the fact that I can’t

Anyone have a board game group who might welcome someone who knows literally nothing about board games but who bakes delicious things for friendly people

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