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Good Morning to all!

I'm a Philly Girl, born and mostly raised. I'm into tech (whatever that means), I volunteer with Girl Develop It as much as I can, I'm a SPINNING and Bootcamp instructor in the morning, so fitness is my thang. ❤️ Love dogs🐕 , beer🍻 , food🍛 , motorcycles🏍️ , laughing 😆 and learning stuff📚 .

I'n 60 days away from finishing a coding bootcamp at UPENN and I just celebrated my 18 year anniversary to my Jawn, Darryl.

I heard the NRA has lost $55M in income under this administration.

I can't stop smiling about that.

When you've been going non-stop for weeks, it doesn't even feel like a Friday. Meh

It's Friday and that's all that matters right now.

PA politics 

The PA Department of Corrections has banned book donations & mail for prisoners. (They're intercepting mail, sending out of state, scanning it and emailing the prisoners, and destroying all originals. You know, handwritten letters from spouses and pictures drawn by kids and stuff.)

There's a call-in day tomorrow. Please call your state senator, state rep, Governor Wolf, etc.

You know that colour called "medium brown"?

I thought of a better name, but it's medi-ochre.

What will I talk about this year at BarCamp???

I'm done school by then & I'm so excited.

My favorite question to use as an icebreaker, intro, meeting kickoff, whatever:

What has your attention these days?

Really helps people open up and start to feel comfortable with you and the environment you’re in, especially if you’re strangers just coming together for the first time.

Shows that you’re curious about them, and people love that.

Morning Jawns!

Be great, Be kind, be yourself.

Happy Friday!!!

I haven't even had coffee yet, and I"m in the best mood ever.
That post workout high is REAL ya'll!

I subbed SPIN at a gym I'd never been. No idea what their music tastes were, by then end of class, I knew I'd made some good choices.

Round 3 Day 19 57 days until I graduate UPENN coding bootcamp. I've been learning stuff NON-STOP for months. Today, I touched Node, Express, React, ES6, MongoDB, Sequelize & Handlebars. THAT IS A LOT. Thank goodness for a long weekend to spend time on each topic.

Today was a long and very tiring day. I'm glad I get another shot at this again tomorrow. I'm spent.

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