The doodle on Google was impactful to say the least. We need to do something.

I see that there's a big Podcaster community on Twitter. I want to see if we can get it of the Birdsite.

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I'm making one for podcasting. I'll still try to be active here too. But I want one that is dedicated to something that I do.

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I keep wanting to start my own instance of Mastodon. Why??

Woke up late. Ate breakfast. Now the wife wants to go to a neighborhood yard sale. FUN! 🙄

Another day in paradise. How's it going. Elon still hasn't bought Twitter, so that's good.

The Fediverse is a collection of messy, badly documented protocols.

But also: the Fediverse is actually decentralized and has momentum.

I have my gripes but acknowledge the Fediverse has big advantages.

Elon really wants Twitter. I guess this might make Mastodon stick?

is on today and tomorrow online. It looks great but don't restrict what I can watch by having me register for individual talks. That sucks. Just let me jump around.

I wish there was an easy way to change your screen name on a Mastodon instance.

cryptocurrency, atari 

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of folks that pretend to be the great Atari Inc and Atari Corp (and Atari Games) while showing none of the innovative spirit of any of those companies.

new folks, mildly preachy 

I'm probably not going to be your first follow. However, I'm more likely to accept your follow request if you've filled out your bio. Even more so if we have friends in common.

The Fediverse isn't inherently good. It's good because we make it good. It's good because a blessed few put a lot of effort into making it good.

I've grown protective of my online neighborhood. Mostly I just scowl from between the blinds, but still.


A great daily podcast morning show style type podcast. 10+ yrs strong.

Just heard on about how a company is making vodka from CO2. Now that I can get behind. LoL 😆

Ugh just set my alarm for 6:45 AM so I can catch an online keynote in GB

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