I guess it's time to do an intro again.

I'm Seth, 37, married, father of a 6yr old little guy, Digital Marketer based in the burbs (Doylestown). Love all things tech and tech-related. That's all for now.

I hate going to the dentist. Especially when it's to get cavities filled.

So I liked getting up at 6am and having some quiet awake time

My goodness people. Just because I send you an email today that is work related it doesn't mean you need to respond or get angry that I wrote you. Just enjoy your weekend and stop dealing with your work stuff if you don't want to deal with stuff. Geez!

Is there a Qi friendly back plate for magnetic mounts that I can purchase? Ideas?

I'm so fucking tired i just googled google. WTF SMH Face palm

6 yo got 3 Lego sets. Man they were complex to build. I don't think they're gonna last the day together. LOL

Several things I’ve learned about mulling wine:

- do not take a big whiff with your head over the pot to see if it’s infusing sufficiently, unless you want a giant waft of alcohol vapors.
- star anise will produce a pleasant numbing sensation if left in the airpot with the wine all evening.
- the ratio is 3 people per bottle, not the other way around.
- oh, hi Gritty. Thanks for stopping by. Will you be staying all night? Great.

Fun and expensive stay in Hershey. 1 night for son's 6th bday

<rant>Why do people not control their on domain names? I don't know how many times I've had to figure out a work around for a client who didn't have access to their own domain online. People this is as important as your business address. Get with the program! </rant>

Camel spotted northbound on 309 in Souderton seriously google it lol rotflmao

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