Wow people are still active here?? Glad I came back! is pretty cool for quick landing pages.

Michigan nurse Lori Marie Key, who went viral singing 'Amazing Grace' at work, reprises the song at the national COVID-19 memorial ceremony


@skyfaller I think making Mastodon easier to use would be good. Meaning set up.

@alan Just saw this. Sorry. What kind of job are/were you looking for? If I can help let me know.

Wow first day of school for my 7 yo. Poor kid is bored out of his mind. They are just going over how to use the technology. Man 2020 sucks

@logan_life Wow brave. Not totally sure if I'm going keep paying for it after this year.

@skyfaller mainly because there's a lot of trolls. I just want more people talking here and interacting.

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