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There is never enough time in the day. Seriously.

So I don't like PayPal, but it's sometimes (well often) necessary. I hate that their 2FA is txt only. Txt is not secure. Why can they use QR codes like the rest of the freaking world?

Does anyone have a child with ADHD and has trouble with them arguing with them all the flipping time for every little ask?

Trying to get life in order for 2019. Man, my life is messy. LOL

Trying to start my AM and morning off right. Not going so well

I have a client that wants 100s of products in their online store. But the budget is only allowing for 30. In the contract it doesn't specify either way. ERRRRRRRR Damn I'm an idiot.

Lesson that I need to finally f**cking learn... the contract is key with every business deal.

In doctor's office. My blood pressure is always high here. But at home it's 10 points lower. I guess that's white coat syndrome lol

I guess it's time to do an intro again.

I'm Seth, 37, married, father of a 6yr old little guy, Digital Marketer based in the burbs (Doylestown). Love all things tech and tech-related. That's all for now.

I hate going to the dentist. Especially when it's to get cavities filled.

So I liked getting up at 6am and having some quiet awake time

My goodness people. Just because I send you an email today that is work related it doesn't mean you need to respond or get angry that I wrote you. Just enjoy your weekend and stop dealing with your work stuff if you don't want to deal with stuff. Geez!

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