😍 Can we please ban cars and do this when there's *not* a pandemic going on?

😷 Some really neat web interactions and animations on this site:

An Explorable Essay on How Masks Can End COVID-19


given the recent despair around open source and the disaster unfolding at Mozilla, it's time to bring this blog post around again


invites Mayor Kenney to brunch, and asks everyone to share this and tag him across social media.

Time for a vacation from the internet! I'm going to disconnect completely for 24 hours. If you need me, it's just going to have to wait until Tuesday.

most of the things people say about the internet are just things that are true about the world

one day i might stop being bitter about Facebook turning off XMPP but today is not that day

Politics, Inciting Voter Fraud in my home state of NC 

"Trump tells North Carolina voters to vote twice"


"Please commit a felony risking 5 years in prison and $10k fine in order to give me a reason to later call this election a sham"

Well, that's one way to undermine an election and prepare disputing it after the fact.

Never mind the fact that his own legal team in federal court admitted they had no evidence of mail in voting fraud, mass-scale or otherwise.


I used over 15 GB of data on my phone and it’s being throttled to 512 kbps. Trying to use Pixelfed with this slow of a connection has made me realize there is a lot of work to be done to improve the experience for slower internet connections.

Let's make businesses which are cooperative, not exploitative

"in the 10+ years since the feature was added, we now find that half of the DNS root server traffic is very likely due to Chromium’s probes. That equates to about 60 billion queries to the root server system on a typical day."

This is absolutely bonkers.

For anyone intrigued by Pale Moon, I must reiterate that it is a hobbyist project that cannot be considered secure by modern standards. The insane complexity of the modern web cannot be navigated safely without the support of large orgs like Google, Apple, and (for now) Mozilla.

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I believe that Firefox eliminating first-class support for RSS/Atom was a blow to the open web, one of many small steps that resulted in the walled gardens of today. It is a trend that we must reverse, and we need universal support for open standards like RSS/Atom and ActivityPub

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When you view the feed, instead of gobbledygook you see a pleasantly designed human-readable preview of what the feed might look like in a feed reader. There is an option to subscribe to the feed either within Pale Moon (with Live Bookmarks) or with an external program.

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Pale Moon, just like the Firefox of yore, displays a feed icon in the address bar when you arrive on a page with feeds. Clicking this icon will take you directly to the feed, if there is only one, or allow you to select from multiple feeds.

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One feature of Pale Moon that I miss in modern Firefox is that it has excellent support for RSS/Atom feeds.

Modern Firefox does not detect RSS feeds and alert you to their presence. If you click on a link to an RSS feed, you see XML gibberish and no way to subscribe to the feed.

Pale Moon is an OK browser. It makes me nostalgic for ancient Firefox.

It's not as slow as I feared, and it has versions of essential add-ons like uBlock Origin.

I don't trust its security, so I don't let it remember anything or log in to anything important. Otherwise, not bad!

what if

i just stopped writing permissive-license software?

what if we all just stopped, and wrote proper free software, and actually put others in a position where they were motivated to compensate us for our labor?

It's frustrating that there is no way to directly contribute money specifically to Firefox, Servo, MDN or DevTools. I'm under no illusion that individual donations would be sufficient to fund them at existing levels, but larger orgs or corps could. And I'd like to vote with my $

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