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Has anyone considered making a federated version of , a la ? I recognize that we can have links and tags in Mastodon, but it's clearly not designed as a way to curate a collection of interesting websites. Zotero also merits a mention as open source, but it's neither social nor federated.

Latest song has deleted immediately after I added it to a playlist: Assassins by Lightning Bolt

Hey! The Global Climate Strike for Future is happening tomorrow, 15th March 🔔

Tens of thousands—possibly millions—of students will be striking school tomorrow because the systematic failure to curb biosphere collapse makes a mockery of learning 🔥

Whether you're a student or not, try and get to your local one! ✊ #fff #FridaysForFuture

"The said it best", he wrote. At the time I just smiled and nodded, I assumed I was missing some obscure Beatles reference. But I can't find any evidence the Beatles ever mentioned .

There are pictures of them riding bicycles. I've found a quote from John Lennon about his childhood bike. But I don't think the Beatles ever wrote a song about .

I'm 90% sure he confused the Beatles with Queen, who wrote "Bicycle Race".

Queen is my favorite band. This is a travesty.

A couple weeks ago I stumbled across a man in Rittenhouse Square who was selling poems, written for you on the spot on his typewriter on the subject of your choice. I asked him to write about bicycles, and I really like the resulting poem! I was considering hanging it on my wall.

There's only one problem: the first line.

Waiting for Thursday to come on. Looks like there are microphones on each side of the stage to record the crowd noise? Everyone's going to be singing along of course.

American Pleasure Club opening for Thursday at Underground Arts!

I have found one person who is taking a stab at fediverse dating software:

The project is called , looks like it's in the very early stages with the first commit only 3 months ago, but it might bear watching. I have some very particular ideas for how a dating site should operate, so I might be interested in a different implementation even if this gets off the ground, we'll see.

OK jawns, anyone like the band Thursday? I have an extra ticket to their sold-out show Thursday night at Underground Arts.

Is anyone working on an open source site? If not, I kind of want to get one rolling. I think there's plenty of room for a dating website/app that doesn't suck, and can't be bought out and ruined by an unscrupulous corporation.

@alexhillman Whatever happened to ? I'm interested in joining or starting a community in the area.

hey jawns, I want to hold my birthday party in Philadelphia in a green building, or an event space that somehow helps protect the environment / avert climate change. Any suggestions?

So far CityCoHo has turned me down because they only host corporate/business events due to insurance/liability concerns, and the Friends Center (Quaker meeting house) has failed to pick up the phone / return my calls.

Anyone with a good suggestion is invited to my birthday party ;-)

I recently bought an external optical drive for my laptop. The drive came with a of software. Clearly the CD is irrelevant, because if I needed it in order to install the CD/DVD drive, well, I'd be hosed, and since I don't need it to install the drive, why would I ever use it?

I feel bad throwing out a "perfectly good" CD, but what else am I going to do? Save it up for some crafts project like those old AOL CDs?

Who is the best/coolest outside of the Marvel & DC universes?
* Speedy Gonzales
* Sonic the Hedgehog
* Dash Parr of the Incredibles
* Someone else I'm not familiar with?
Looks like the Roadrunner appears in DC comics, so technically disqualified?

If you've written a long response to e.g. a climate change denialist but you are certain that it will do nothing to change his opinion, do you
(a) keep it to yourself
(b) post it

I've been despairing because of the studies showing that facts don't change people's minds.
If rational debate is doomed to failure, what options are left? If "alternative facts" are as convincing as real ones, are we left with "might makes right"? How can we peacefully win over denialists? is a project that wants to liberate sheet music from copyright and from paper! They invite and coordinate volunteers to transcribe public domain scans from using Should be a great learning experience! 🎼

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