Here's a great read for anyone following the slow (too slow) collapse of the cryptocurrency world:

Y'all, we shot a music video, recorded a single, and cut a demo from it in like fifteen minutes.

We haven't done any editing, because we didn't get started until way too late because of a crisis entirely unrelated to the maker space.

But yeah, this process works. We can do a life stream, a music video, an album, and a physical release all the way through in one day.

🔗 Add punctuation to your alt text

The presence of end punctuation such as a period will make the voice pause a bit before announcing the next words in sequence for most assistive technology that utilizes a synthesized voice.

“Over the past several months, everyone in the industry who provides any kind of free CPU resources has been dealing with a massive outbreak of abuse for cryptocurrency mining. The industry has been setting up informal working groups … cumulatively wasting thousands of hours of engineering time implementing measures to deal with this abuse, and responding as attackers find new ways to circumvent them.”

PA primaries (which are very important for Philly, for fair judges and district attorney particularly!) are coming up May 18th!!

If you want to get on the mail-in ballot train, make sure you've requested yours! Do it now!

check out my new blockchain based on Proof of Wealth, just like all the others

Software freedom contributors are human. We all make mistakes, often very publicly. It's tricky to write a public apology for those mistakes.

This blog post by @sagesharp will help you avoid common pitfalls and craft an effective apology:

Imagine thinking that Bitcoin, a technology that hinges on everyone having a reciept for every transaction made by anyone in the system, is something inherently hard to trace

The important thing about <a href="">knowing that this is how you make a link</a> is that once you've done it a few times, you'll always know how to do it. With modern menu-driven software, the developers like to move buttons around so that they can sell you a new version and make you have to learn it all over again. I call this STEALING YOUR MASTERY OF THE PROGRAM AND SELLING IT.

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#Pennsylvania #Elections #RegisterToVote :registertovote:

The voter registration deadline for our 2021 primaries is just one month away on May 3!

Make sure you're registered and check with your friends, neighbors, and family, too!

Voter Registration Application:

It’s funny how Y2K is remembered as an overblown hoax and not as “for fucking once we saw a problem coming in advance, actually dedicated sufficient time and resources to solving it, and a crisis was averted before it happened.” Makes me wonder how people would think of Covid if we had handled it well.

@quiddity allegedly mobilecoin is some sort of proof of stake, which moves from "massive environmental disaster" to "entrenched interests with capital will always have an advantage over you"


they're adding a cryptocurrency-based person-to-person payments feature (thus locked into a particular vendor's blockchain). this encourages additional adoption and investment in cryptocurrency and opens Signal themselves up to a lot of regulation potential which may be very bad news for them

"As we saw with the downfall of Keybase users don’t want a tokenized pay-to-play dystopia, and most technical users rightly associate cryptocurrency with scams and this association will act like a lightning rod for legal scrutiny. This association weakens the entire core value proposition of the Signal app for no reason other than making a few insiders richer."

If you voted "only follow on ", what do you do if they follow you on Twitter? Ignore it? Is that rude?

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Let's say you want Mastodon and the Fediverse to succeed, and you have friends who use both Mastodon and Twitter.

Which is more likely to benefit the Fediverse:

- only following people on Mastodon, because that encourages them to post to Mastodon more in order to reach the people who only follow them on Mastodon

- following people on both Mastodon and Twitter, so you can help boost the tweets of people who are enlightened enough to use Mastodon, and promote Mastodon to their followers

I just published a short blog post adding my voice to the chorus of people speaking out against Richard Stallman's return to the @fsf's board of directors.

It's short so I'll include the full text in a thread below.

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