I am so done with these fucking October . I killed one in my apartment yesterday, now I think one bit me while I was shopping in Whole Foods. Leave me alone, I don't follow you around biting you, jeez.

New Macbooks and Imacs will brick themselves if they think they're being repaired by an independent technician

Last night I was riding my bike over some trolley tracks in West Philly when my back tire was punctured by this huge piece of metal that was sticking out of the tracks like a caltrop. It stuck out of my wheel far enough that it hit my fender and prevented the wheel from turning, shattering my bamboo fender. This brought me to a sudden stop in the middle of the road, just glad I didn't fall over and get run over by a car.

Those trolley tracks are out to get me!

Has anyone considered making a federated version of , a la del.icio.us en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deliciou ? I recognize that we can have links and tags in Mastodon, but it's clearly not designed as a way to curate a collection of interesting websites. Zotero zotero.org/ also merits a mention as open source, but it's neither social nor federated.

Really loved End Of America's set, those 3 part harmonies are killer. One downside of the constant music is that there's not much time in between sets to post to Mastodon!

Driftwood Soldier, in an apparent last minute addition to the program. Very aggressive growly folk, reminds me of Tom Waits a little

Watching Levee Drivers perform at Philly Music Fest at World Live Cafe

I just tried to acquire internet from Philly Wisper phillywisper.net/ and they got back to me within minutes! To tell me that new construction is blocking line of sight between their nearest tower and my apartment :(:(:( 😭

Please someone save me from Comcast internet.

The guy who runs the internet provider at Indy Hall (Philly Wisper) has been working extra hard to make our connection faster and more reliable.

His job includes tweaking equipment on rooftops across Philly.

He sent me this from tonight's maintenance. Thanks Mark!

Protest against Kavanaugh outside Pat Toomey's office

The true failing of RSS is that you can't track people with it

"Content warning" is a great feature, but I've observed that people are overusing it, almost like an email subject line or "open for a surprise. It makes the timeline much harder to parse and consume.

Today in DM adventures! My Dungeon World party successfully rescued a breakfast dragon who had been kidnapped into the sewers of Draxxis Hill during a hurricane by a gaggle of merfolk and their pet Kraken.

The wizard accidentally summoned a word demon by casting "Fireball" repeatedly, which egged him on to continue casting Fireball as much as possible, but he managed to avoid burning the rest of the party to death until the word demon was banished.

Charlie's Produce in the Italian Market: my reliable source of bulk oranges for my juicing habit

Today I called my barbershop to make an appointment and discovered my barber didn't work there anymore, the shop couldn't give me any more info. So I googled around to find her, and discovered her Instagram with her new workplace and schedule. I added her and messaged her telling her this, so maybe it would be less weird when I showed up at her new workplace, but maybe it's still weird. Is it wrong to track down someone who's done good work for you in the past this way? I just want good haircuts

I visited the Franklin Institute recently and greatly enjoyed the exhibit with all of the optical illusions ("Your Brain"?)

One advantage over Whole Foods: Sprouts lets you take your shopping cart outside to your cargo bike, instead of locking the cart wheels at the door

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