Good news: I feel less stressed out about the pandemic after powering off my devices for a day or two.

Bad news: I'm tempted to declare inbox bankruptcy, people have been blowing up my phone with notifications. If you're waiting for a response from me, please be patient :-)


Mastodon feature suggestion:

1. Change the default reply button to only @ the person being immediately replied to and remove all the rest.

2. Add a second button to take over the original "Reply All" functionality, but label it "Yell across the room" so that people are forced to take into account the implications of their actions.

about 4 days ago i had this incredibly stupid musical idea and it keep hearing it in my head. it won't go away

so i've had to actually create it

i present to you: the

This post is pretty hilarious: person in 2013 baffled by seeing a standard 1960s-1990s compact-cassette 'stop' icon in a 2008 movie, not sure what it could possibly mean.

<< Unlike the Play and Record buttons, which are shown meeting standard interface practices of today, the lineup has that odd orange button that is never shown being used. My best guess, based only on its inclusion with the other two buttons, is that it represents a pause function or stop >>

It turns out that if your are in the wrong directory or named incorrectly, SSH won't find them and use them. Thanks for the tip, Github:

uspol, lawsuits 

I want to organize a NUMTOT Cannonball Run, where you have to get from one city's downtown to another using any transportation method except car

Failing an open firmware+hardware mouse, what is the most + mouse?

Browsing iFixit, the only mouse I can find with a repairability score is the Magic Mouse 2, which is a pathetic 2/10:

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Does anyone know of an open hardware / open source ?

The closest I've found is this one-shot open firmware + hardware mouse which appears to be made from obsolete unsourceable parts:

I hope it gets updated someday!

I was just introduced to Zapier today. It appears to be a more complex, business-oriented version of IFTTT, for gathering + processing data by connecting various web services.

I hope there isn't too much brain-melting complexity hidden behind its friendly-looking UI!

Biked out to Morris Arboretum yesterday, 30 miles round trip. Our reward for making it there was to visit this giant bird nest. Thankfully we escaped before we could be devoured by an enormous robin!

Let's say you are , and you want to bring your own and eat it indoors (assume bad weather). What options are there? What sorts of places should you look for?

The first idea that occurs to me is food courts, since the space isn't exclusive to one food business.

The apocalypse has arrived, it's just not evenly distributed yet

If you're trying to preserve your music collection for posterity, which should you purchase: vinyl LPs, which last indefinitely if unused but wear out if played, or CDs, which can decay in as little as 10 years, but can be used to make perfect digital copies?

It seems like the answer may partly depend on whether you expect the collection to actively maintained, or if you expect it to be forgotten and rediscovered many years later.

It's too bad about Client Hints, they seem useful:

But they aren't implemented in Firefox or Safari. If they were more broadly adopted, it would make it easier to automatically serve responsive images without HTML markup.

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