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In to help Movement push the House to support a Green New Deal

So my webserver is running a package netfilter-persistent, whose job is to make sure that my firewall rules survive across reboots.

My latest problem: netfilter-persistent fails to start when the server reboots.

You had one job, netfilter-persistent!

My hair a few days after my haircut (no product)

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I know it's becoming routine, but I still get excited every time a rocket heads to space. is launching CRS-16 to the ISS in a few minutes, webcast is live now:

Pre-haircut selfie 🤳 (yes I may be a little overdue)

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How do you add/edit featured accounts on your ? At some point I recommended 4 Mastodon accounts I like, but now I can't figure out how to change them. ?

Quick, somebody set up a mastodon instance that

a) you can reserve a name on by putting a token/message on your tumblr -- each tumblr account gets the name, but on the new instance

c) you can transfer who you follow, etc, easily.

d) if you pay $5 a month, you get an account, but you can also invite ten other people who get it for free forever


Tumblr is banning all adult content

Highlight from their definition of adult content: "female-presenting nipples"

My favorite in was the dear departed Angelica Kitchen. I ate quinoa for the first time there. It was inexpensive and healthy enough that I could eat there on a regular basis, and I did when I lived nearby.

What I miss the most is their communal table, with newspapers and photocopied articles on the wall next to it. I didn't feel like a loser for going to the restaurant by myself, I could sit down at that table and make new friends. Or just read. Haven't seen its like since.

I was considering buying the Google Pixel , but then I saw there's no headphone jack! Come on, it's a tablet, it's big, how much space did you really save by throwing away the headphone jack? really doesn't want me to buy their products anymore.

I sweat a lot, and when I do my cotton shirts get wet, making them ineffective at keeping me warm (problematic in the winter).

But synthetic that can still keep you warm when they are wet are generally made of plastic, and apparently release microplastics into the environment when you wash them:

So how does an ecologically conscious person keep warm when they get wet? Is wool the only option?

It's been entertaining seeing claimed as a progressive mascot, maybe we need more of that. A Gritty crashing the floor of Congress, :gritty: crashing your local newsroom, to fight climate change, to fight white supremacy. It's funny, it's fun, maybe it's effective?

The question is, do we just ride the Gritty wave? He is originally a corporate mascot, but maybe it's worth re-appropriating such a beloved character. Or should we try to create a new character who is not beholden to anyone?

I'll be very sad if I'm eventually forced to leave Project Fi because I cannot acquire a compatible phone that has a headphone jack.

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