You gotta admit “trunk” would be a very on brand name for Mastodon’s default git branch

This Pixelfed is now a no cop zone. I'm not joking, if you're a cop, you have to leave now. Turn in your badge and gun and then we can talk.
Let's check in on South Philly.

A bunch of dudes protecting a Columbus statue from a guy with a camera yell at the camera guy. I don't know, dude, being scared of a camera kinda seems like you're the pussy. Why wouldn't you want your heroic defense of Columbus recorded for posterity?

Then the police tell the camera man he has to leave because he's causing a disturbance, but not the people being the disturbance.

Elsewhere in south philly, a family court staffer tears down a bunch of black lives matter signs because "not to me, they don't."


Why can't these people just stay home and watch fox news like normal shitheads?

A script tag has src="///count.js", so the HTML validator complains "Bad value ///count.js for attribute src on element script: Unexpected slash or backslash."

Why are there extra slashes in the URL? I can't figure it out.

I found the culprit, it's my Hugo theme:

I guess I need to modify that javascript to find the parallax speed setting in some valid HTML/CSS.

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When I run a website I control through an HTML validator, it's astounding how much code I discover that I flat out don't understand.

WTF is the invalid attribute "parallax-speed"? Is it a typo of a valid element? Is it being used by a javascript library? Google isn't helping.

both organized in part by #BLM Philly

Saturday 6/6 - Justice for George Floyd! 12 pm at the Art Museum

Sunday 6/7 - FREE PEOPLE NOW
1 pm at Eastern State Penitentiary

philly police violence against protesters 

this cop earns 127k a year

he whacked this kids fucking skull.

if this is what officer bologna does on camera in the daylight, imagine the ways he has brutalized the black community and other people of color in this city

jail support is like camping, but cooler. get a blanket, some portable phone chargers, some snacks, and you have a good time for the few hours of sitting outside a station. a lot of you say that you can't go out and protest for X or Y reason, and ofc those are valid, but arrestee support is really easy! most of it is just sitting on your ass, away from the action, and looking after those who get released, giving them some snacks and water, helping them get home if you can, and just the emotional support because holy shit being arrested can be traumatic


in the past i've been reluctant to talk about race for fear of getting it wrong and causing more harm than good, but this silence is harmful to ppl of color in and of itself. i need to do better and be ready take criticism and apologize instead of just erring on the side of never saying anything so that i can never make a mistake - because if i never say anything i can never hold my white peers accountable.

I marched in multiple protests in December 2014. All were peaceful. We shut down a highway in New Brunswick, NJ. We filled the streets of New York in an approved march. Years later, cops still kill with impunity. Is it surprising that people are angry?

social media regulation, trump, SESTA/FOSTA, birdsite links 

Trump's actual executive order is based on removing Section 230(c) protections, same as SESTA/FOSTA (birdsite link)

AmyDentata on twitter:
> Sex workers warned everybody

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"Google no longer providing original URL in AMP for image search results"

Time to share this one again before it's too late:

How to fight back against Google AMP

USPOL, FDA, extremely important if you have food allergies 

The FDA is going to... allow businesses to change the ingredients in their products... without updating the list of ingredients on the packaging... ... ...

Let's say I have a computer and I want to back it up to a local drive. My main drive is ext4. I want to try out a different on the backup hard drive. Which filesystem should I use?

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