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On the Boltbus to NYC with my electric cargo bike! In the future I might bike to NYC one way and take the Boltbus back, this is a test.

Boltbus's bike policy is it's fine to bring one as long as there's room in the luggage area, but they don't guarantee there will be room. Probably best to book early and leave time to take a later bus if your bike doesn't fit in the first one.

I've never seen a Boltbus run out of cargo space.

Shopping at IKEA because it's the only place in Philly I know of that will discarded lightbulbs. I disposed of 3 today that had been sitting around for months.

kickstarter boldly declares "fuck you" to union organizers

> It says, in essence: drop dead. We do not care what you think. We do not want a union and we are going to try to stop one from forming. We will fire union organizers if we want to, and if they complain to the National Labor Relations Board, they will be facing our lawyers.


Final meeting of the "refinery advisory group" taking public input on what to do with the PES oil refinery is tonight! 5:30-7:30pm at Prep Charter School, 1928 Point Breeze Ave, Philadelphia.


Can someone please explain to me what the woman on this box of oranges is doing?

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I'm also looking for office space for Sunrise Movement in Philadelphia, ideally West Philly.

Not exactly sure about our budget or how many people we need to fit in the office. What I do know:
- must fit >10 regular desk workers (as opposed to stuffing people in for meetings)
- budget >$1500/mo

I'd appreciate any leads!

Does anyone know graphic designers and/or web designers who are passionate about and fighting climate change? Trying to assemble people to build a non-profit or a B Corp / co-op / ethical business (still in the idea stage).

Being based in the Philadelphia area would be a plus, but can also work remotely.

I just ordered a ! ternbicycles.com/bikes/gsd

There were 4 roles I needed to fill in my life, and the GSD kind of fills them all:
1) commuter - the 20" wheels make it a nimble urban bike, electric means I get to my destination quickly and unsweaty
2) cargo - it carries ~360lb, small wheels lower center of gravity to make it more stable
3) folding - handlebars and seat collapse to stuff in car
4) touring - 2 batteries, up to 125 miles range

Can't wait! :D

Acquiring summer squash at the Christ Church farmer's market

Does anyone know what happened to bridge.joinmastodon.org/ ? It was a website that helped you find the accounts of people you follow on .

Was it intentionally shut down as a bad idea? Or is it down due to technical difficulties or neglect?

I'm currently considering the minimalist Freeform Universal RPG freeformuniversal.com/, since that is what my friend who inspired this idea is using.

This may look like a lovely community #garden, but don't be fooled: everything in this photo is actually just mosquitoes.

Can anyone suggest a good tabletop system for a realistic setting in the near future, e.g. 2030s USA? Bonus points if it de-emphasizes combat and has good support for conflict resolution.

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If you have to choose one, which is better for the : buying , or buying (using reusable containers)? For some reason, many nuts etc. are frequently not available in organic forms in bulk bins, only in conventional forms.

Another impossible consumer choice that we could deal better with at a societal level.

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