It's been entertaining seeing claimed as a progressive mascot, maybe we need more of that. A Gritty crashing the floor of Congress, :gritty: crashing your local newsroom, to fight climate change, to fight white supremacy. It's funny, it's fun, maybe it's effective?

The question is, do we just ride the Gritty wave? He is originally a corporate mascot, but maybe it's worth re-appropriating such a beloved character. Or should we try to create a new character who is not beholden to anyone?

@skyfaller I think subverting a corporate mascot is part of the appeal, no?

@ultranurd Absolutely, I just can't shake the feeling that every time we use Gritty on a protest sign we're inadvertently advertising the Philadelphia Flyers. I'm not aware of the Flyers doing anything bad, so maybe promoting them is fine, it just seems a little risky. It's like how buying Guy Fawkes masks for protests gives Time Warner licensing fees, there are possible unintended consequences.

@skyfaller I'm fine with leaving "respect for corporate intellectual property" out of this most excellent strategy

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