Out of curiosity... maybe a topic starter.

If going fully electric was affordable (for you), (your car)... would you do it?

We have few options in the US (but all good), they're just pricey (for basically everyone).

Would you, if you could?

...and what are your concerns that would stop you? (aside from the price)

...what are your questions?

No, I don't work for "Big EV" 😅 ...but I bought one this year (pre lock down). If you have questions I might have answers.


@alan I replaced my car with an electric cargo bicycle. So I'm already fully electric :)

Would I get an electric *car*? I have a number of concerns:
- Cars go faster and weigh more than bikes, and therefore are much more likely to kill people (kinetic energy, yo)
- Cars take up more space, so they're worse for density/walkability
- Cars are more expensive to maintain+insure
- Electric cars use too much energy to be sustainable: solar.lowtechmagazine.com/2012

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