Got my freewheel replaced and my ebike is back in business. Woohoo!

Went ahead and cleaned the chain and tensioner sprockets while I was down there and relubed.

@kelbot those things hold onto gunk like nothing else. So satisfying to clean, but part of the reason why I still ride a fixie.

@mycorrhiza So true. This ebike is a single speed but they went with a chain tensioner so that the rear dropouts could be vertical instead of horizontal.

@kelbot @mycorrhiza a single speed ebike? Now I'm curious, mind sharing some details?

@consumtariat It's a Radpowerbikes RadRunner. Kind of straddles the line between ebike and moped. It is a great car replacement.

@kelbot @consumtariat I'm interested in possibly replacing a car here (car-central) with a cargo bike. I think I'm more interested in pedal assist than the throttle-style setups. Do you have any thoughts there? Seems you're the ebike expert on my feed.

@mycorrhiza My partner and I ride e-bikes as our primary mode of transportation, we don't have a car. Our bikes are pedal assist only, no throttle.

Pedal assist advantages:
- Longer range
- Easier to use when battery is low or dead (e-bike is temporarily bike)
- More legal more places (throttles can put e-bikes in a different legal class)
- Stealth (if you want to hide that you're on an e-bike, not pedaling gives you away)
- Exercise

We use Tern bikes so we can share accessories.


@mycorrhiza We moved house entirely by bicycle last year, so I certainly have opinions on replacing a car with cargo e-bikes :-)

I'll be giving a talk online about our experience:

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