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For posterity and pinning purposes:

Intro to Mastodon, especially good from safety and CW-cognizant perspective, written by instance admin:

More technical take on Mastodon, especially good bits about federation and moderation:

Other resource suggestions welcome!

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Oy. So both Atlanta and Cleveland’s MLB teams are going to be eliminated today, huh?

That’s... a little on the nose, don’t you think, reality?

@supercres if you narc to the person for whom it’s plausibly deniable, you’re a cop.

Mission “plausibly deniable mustache” proceeding as planned.

It’s such a nice day, you should come to South Philly Sausage Fest.

I’ll be hanging out early on, then probably going home, then selling beer tickets from 5-7.

Which is to say: Fully pay attention, or not at all.

"Oh I like other Yorgos Lanthimos movies. I have a sense of how weird they are and it's A Good Amount of weird. I'll check out Dogtooth and sort of half-pay-attention to it."

Reader: Patrick was wrong. Don't be like Patrick.

Does anyone have any use for a first gen / “Series 0” Apple Watch for experimentation, either personal use or app development?

It doesn’t run the latest Watch OS; also has a crack that’s almost always invisible and doesn’t impede functioning. Good battery and screen.

Free to a good home.

Work does a "playlist Tuesday" thing where there's a rolling nomination for one person to put together a Spotify playlist for everyone.

After taking out a couple outliers and doing some one-track-per-group selection*, mine and @lizyuzu's most-played list isn't half bad.

(* There's Thom Yorke, Atoms for Peace, and Radiohead, yes. Sue me.)

(speaking of over-the-top Philly sports things)

New SB Nation Beef History: "Terrell Owens’ beef with Donovan McNabb was must-see TV"

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Having a normal one, yelling at the UPS "Follow My Delivery" page.

The Drexel students are back in my building and so I must open enrollment in my course "Riding An Elevator 101" also known as "Jesus let me get off before you try to get on" or "This one is going up! I said it three times, you idiot child!"

Weather looks great for a bike ride tomorrow. Thinking about repeating this route, roughly. Anyone want to join?

or was it ?

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