I started my real person tech job yesterday!! I need keyboard recs because I am not feeling this extremely flat MacBook keyboard. Halp!

It's my 6 year Phila-versary! I'm glad that the 6th anniversary is the Gritty anniversary

Lol I thought I was going to lose my NYT crossword streak because I've been working on this take home coding challenge since ~6pm and just remembered. CLOSE CALL 😅

Update: dismissed early, came to dutch eating place, having a nice time

I’m at jury duty so I might go to reading terminal market for the literal first time today. What should I eat?

Ps- I’ve been here for 6 years this month

Finally downloaded an iOS app for mastodon so maybe I’ll actually use it 👌🏼 here2toot

Went to Rival this morning and on the way out, one of my old coworkers yelled "you taught me everything I know!" 😭

It took me 3 separate sessions to eat 1 donut. I got my wisdom teeth out 8 days ago! Late 20s healing power sucks.

Hi! I'm Lori. Born in Baltimore. Living in Fishtown with my architect boyfriend and our 3 dogs. Former coffee professional, current ice cream scooper/data & content intern. Recently completed a 12 week web dev intensive program at NYCDA. I enjoy quizzo nights, karaoke(it's in my filipino genes), crossword puzzles, and playing bike polo(it's like hockey on a bike!) Toot toot, y'all.

jawns.club 🐘

Welcome to the first mastodon based community for Philadelphians who ❤️Philadelphia! Think of this instance as a new neighborhood in Philly that anyone can be a part of, because it's online.