Enter to win a LEGO C64. Yes, a full-size LEGO C64. That can hold a real C64 motherboard and keyboard. (Or stick with the LEGO one!). Don't miss this. wn.nr/5g6GKr

RT @pinboard@twitter.com I invite all Philly people to come out and join me knocking doors for @jessforcongress from today until Election Day. It's an easy train ride away, and if we win this race it will be by the thinnest of margins. You can sign up to canvass here: t.co/1MWVxwNkuR


Kathleen Antonelli, Ruth Teitelbaum, Jean Bartik, Frances Spence, Marlyn Moltzer and Betty Holberton.

These are the six Philly women who became the world's first digital computer programmers.


Starting something new! that you may never have heard of.

Dan Bricklin, inventor of the computer spreadsheet.

VisiCalc, back in 1979, was the first “killer app”.

This mornings’ project: new smoker assembled! Next up: get it outside & do a seasoning burn... 🔥

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