Alright You forced my hand. We have a $10 off card at Target, so what better to spend it on than a Switch right? RNGDES preparing to join the Switch Squad!


Switch acquired! Download Snipperclips to play while Mario Odyssey is downloading. Excited to see Emily this excited about another game, her last obsession was Horizon Zero Dawn. 🙌

@tonynguyen One Of Us One Of Us One Of Us lol, Mario Odyssey is so good!

@mikeyil @tonynguyen @Drew Hellz yeah it's the Switch club. Every party down on Odyssey, BOTW, Overcooked, Snipperclips, and my favorite: The puzzle game about the cute baby elephant who accidentally leads a socialist revolution.

@supercres @Schneiderdelphia @mikeyil @tonynguyen @Drew we could use the hashtag to swap friend codes and keep chatting about how dang great this console is! 😄

@mikeyil @tonynguyen @Drew That game is real, btw. It's call Yono and the Celestial Elephants and it is cute and rad.

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