I just had one of the weirdest days of my life. After accepting a new job offer this morning, I proceeded to resign at my current position. I'm not currently billable, but was helping out with a couple things. I knew there was a small chance they would ask me to leave today, but didnt really think it would happen. It did. They were nice about it but it was still super weird. But now with my unexpected vacation, I can catch up on all the podcasts.

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‪Come see my talk, “Reframing the Conversation around Digital Accessibility” at 2:15pm in F55! I’ll give a 101 on digital accessibility, the audience and an empathetic way to look at how we talk and think about it in our work.

I think I overheard a dad saying his kid wanted to go to the talk and now I am nervous!! I hope I don't disappoint this kid.

I'm giving a talk at 11:15 about Dark Patterns at . Come by if you can!

Does anyone know how to get a Pod Save America ticket? For Philly?

My twitter friend Arjun Singh Sethi (no relation) wrote a book titled American Hate. He has gathered several hate crime stories from the perspective of the survivors.
He will be in Philadelphia at the Penn Book Center on Tues, Oct 30th at 6pm. Please come if you can!!


I had a first today. You know that thing when you're on a call with too many people? And someone asks you a question? And before you can answer, two dudes interject and take the conversation in a different direction for 30 minutes? Now I know what that feels like, and I've been super agitated for the last 6 hours over it.

Update: Hasan Minaj is the best. I mean, it wasn't funny, funny stand up. But it was a good dose of political comedy where we could all breathe together and sit with each other and have him preach to our choir (and laugh a lot too). But if he enlightened one person in that room tonight, we all win.

I haven't been keeping up with Jawn's Club as much as I'd like. Do we have any new south asian's here? Also, is anyone going to see Hasan Minaj this weekend?

i can't find how to DM someone. I DMed someone the other day successfully. but. where did it go?

Question for the group-- if you wanted to try to get someone you know booked on Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane, how might you do that?

The cat is back. Anyone in the market to take in a stray?!

I almost had a porch kitty situation, but someone (who might've? been her real mom) took her and now I am both sad and relieved.

While I feel very grateful to have a nice, new Mac for work, this touch bar is DRIVING ME BANANAS.

Trying a thing 

This American Life episode 

Delaware river float was perfect. But also feeling a little jealous re: @brianalmorgan and @captnpollyanna goat walk.

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