😭 The interface says “zip” but the code uses “postal_code”.

😅 I did not faint getting blood drawn this morning (unlike last time) so I’m considering this a positive start to the day.

🎮🍿 Finding out your friend is transferring his character for TBC


🤔 If the Mac Pro wheels cost $700, how much will the Apple Car wheels cost?

🔗 Announcing Hush - Samuel Gordalina

Hush was purpose built to solve a common use case for projects that require secrets and want to inject them in a secure way without having to depend on secret files or hardcoded configuration. gordalina.com/articles/announc

✅ Today’s Goals:

Redacted client Elixir/Phoenix work (pr review, api integration testing)
Tonight: Write some ShapeUp pitches for a new @phoenixexamples app, get them rendering nice inside of ex_doc.
Tonight/Tomorrow: Fasting for some blood work. Ugh.

✅ Today’s Goals:

Grocery pickup.
Social / Elixir call.
More tax prep work. (carryover)
Product / blog post research.

🔗 Introducing the Framework Laptop. Upgradeable, repairable, and 100% yours.


✅ Today Goals:

Finish LiveView course.
More tax prep work.
Product / blog post research.
Extra book reading time.

🎮💬 “I think this shit actually makes FF7 worse.” “This game makes Advent Children look like Schindler’s Fucking List.” “Q: What would make this game better? Not existing.” youtube.com/watch?v=N1pfC1_kNd

🔋 I’m looking to buy a large battery + solar panel for my CPAP during power outages. Plan is to also use a car power adaptor so the CPAP is more battery friendly. Any thoughts on this kit? goalzero.com/shop/kits/goal-ze

🧊 Icebreaker Thread: Which TV show has the best theme song?

✅ Today’s Goals:

Errands (pharmacy, pretzels).
Attend @phillycocoa Side Project Saturday.
Work on some loose end client things.
Start pulling together my numbers for 2020 taxes.
Watch more LiveView course.

🤔 Anyone have strong feelings towards team retro meetings, formats, tools used, resources? Kicking off some research this weekend for a project.

🧊 Icebreaker Thread: Who was your favorite high school teacher and why?

📚 Icebreaker Thread: What book had a meaningful impact on your career?

🤔 Yesterday I Learned: The Johari window is a technique that helps people better understand their relationship with themselves and others.


😭 Had two separate pull requests at work yesterday that interacted with external services and each had to either return or process 200 OK HTTP responses for error states.

This is why we can’t have nice things.™


✅ Today’s Goals:

Mastermind meeting.
REDACTED client Elixir/Phoenix work.
Take mom to doctor’s appointment.
Eat lunch in the car while I wait.
1:1 with client.
Attend Test Double hangout on giving and receiving feedback.
Tonight: More LiveView course watching.

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