Does anyone have an escalator in their house? I've seen many elevators in the homes of rich people, but I can't recall ever seeing an escalator inside a private residence.

If are non-existent in private residences and elevators are common, why is that? Space? Power?

@skyfaller in a different world I'd put one going down to the basement bolling alley.

@Greg But would you? If you were rich, would you still want an escalator? If you were rich, would you be my friend? Would you have seen this toot planting the idea in your mind?

To me, escalators seem like a noisy waste of space and energy, but that doesn't stop (rich) people from loving lawns. Would you ever have enough people over your house to justify an escalator? Well, would you ever have enough people over to use your whole lawn? Why aren't escalators popular signs of wealth?

@skyfaller I mean, I think The Don sure liked his escalator in the Trump Tower he lived in. Slightly different in that it was in the fancy lobby.

@Greg Yeah, I think this does not count as being inside his private residence. I bet there are several buildings that have apartments in them that have escalators in the public areas, and I don't think that's the same.

I'm talking about escalators in your home that are not open to members of the public, or to the other people residing in your building who are not in your household.

@skyfaller pretty wasteful use of space, slower than elevator unless you have to wait which is unlikely, and you probably need an elevator anyway for moving large heavy furniture, etc.

@tedu That last point is pretty convincing. If you would practically need an elevator in any house large enough to fit an escalator, perhaps the escalator is too extraneous for one who already has an elevator.

But on the other hand, the person who has 15 cars doesn't see them as extraneous, even if two or three cars could have been sufficient. Why waste your money and space on cars, but not escalators?

@skyfaller cars are collectible. They're all different. I suppose a vintage industrialist might collect escalators from various eras, but that's pretty esoteric.

@tedu @skyfaller I would live to see the home of a devoted escalator collector : )

@skyfaller They're just primarily designed for moving lots of people at the same time efficiently. It would be a bit like owning a bus for your personal use (except even less convenient because of the space and installation requirements). Having your own elevator, on the other hand, is like owning fancy cars: they're still designed for moving one or a few people at the same time, so they can make sense for personal home use.

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