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hello everyone, I'm Alan, I live outside of Philly (center city).

professionally, I'm an "application architect" which is an ensemble of IT experience/work in the area of systems, networking, databases and programming (full-stack; front and backend). currently I work as a Sr./Lead Developer and Analyst.

Outside of work, I help with conventions, I podcast a lot. I help produce shows and involved with/host a few.

I have experience with: editing, cameras and recording.


evening all. I think I need to pass out and sleeeeee....💤 🛏️ *mumbles*goodnight... 💤

Morning all. How's your cold Thursday shaping up?

so tired. me want sleep. but this long edit is loooooooong. 😪

ohhhhkay. hopefully tonight I won't up late. I now find myself the mod/admin of 2 discord servers... and lot's of stuff to do tonight

I started off today with a Donut and some *warm* cold brewed coffee. Today has been a good day. 😄

if you're day is not going well, I recommend a bespoke donut (Duck Donuts); the french toast donut is my favorite.

@Jasonquintin I was measuring the Boji Kello ( <shameless.plug/> grounds (for the cold brew)... I got a waft of a buttery smell as well.

I hadn't noticed that before. Just thought I'd share.

Morning everyone!

I think it's time I make some more Boji cold brew coffee today. cc: @Jasonquintin

okay podcast stuff done... did some patreon page stuff... now it's time for bed. night all!

it's late... I have work tomorrow... that's what I get for re-setting up my patreon page for the podcast stuff. night all!

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I"ll repeat something a wise person once said...

"you don't own a cat, you know a cat"

I suspect from all the TV I'm watching they want me to eat endless bowls of pasta, pave pothole'd roads to preserve pizza, have larabars cause you know.. they're "food" made from food? I know there's some more commercials.. but at some point I do succeed in blocking them out.

saw the eye doctor today and now I'm seeing the world so clearly, so boldly... I now have to clean all the things I didn't realize were dirty! 😄

OMG. I have finally caught up on all the podcasts (in the queue)... I never thought this day would happen. there's always tomorrow.

I marathoned all (2 seasons) of "The Good Place" on and it's an amazing show. Very much worth binging. Before the night is out I'll watch the 1st episode of season 3 (on

hey everyone. how's your evening going?

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