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hello everyone, I'm Alan, I live outside of Philly (center city).

professionally, I'm an "application architect" which is an ensemble of IT experience/work in the area of systems, networking, databases and programming (full-stack; front and backend). currently I work as a Sr./Lead Developer and Analyst.

Outside of work, I help with conventions, I podcast a lot. I help produce shows and involved with/host a few.

I have experience with: editing, cameras and recording.


that moment when you're editing a podcast but would rather sleep... or play with your switch...

Let me just say I like giving an awesome gift. What I don't love when I end having to do this x13... especially when I'm saving up for a big expense.

Okay 1 of 4 podcasts done for the week.

Currently podcasting. Have to make the podcasts!

Happy Thanksgiving πŸ¦ƒ day Philly!

May the 🍴's be with you!
...and also πŸ₯§ and some πŸ₯” 🌽 and more πŸ¦ƒ I'm hungry. πŸ˜„

I love/hate Thanksgiving. I love the food, seeing friends/family... I hate drama. I'm happy and a tad apprehensive for Thursday.

I figured it out... Gummi 🐻's for brunch. The things I do on my day off. πŸ˜„

morning Philly. Took the day off, did some errands and now I don't know what tp do. eeeeaarrrlly lunch/breakfast!!

I'm watching The Kominsky Method on , just stared the 2nd episode; I like it, it's good.

it took mw 2 hours to get home. mostly held up because opposing traffic refused to let an 18-wheeler turn; which cause stoppage for a good 20-30 minutes. *bleh*

so tired. just getting through this edit so I can crash out early tonight. *ugh*

Sup Philly I am in you! ...for a meeting and barely unless you consider essington Philly. 😁

evening everyone. how's it going?

the fall time is always a bit more intense then I want. I'm constantly thinking about gifts around this time of the year.

the "gifting" is a bit of a problem for me, cause at new years I exchange with about a dozen friends... while I'm also trying not to spend all my πŸ’° πŸ˜ƒ *ugh*

That moment when you're awake, still in bed and a smartphone completes your world. nods

yo, what's going on Philly worth knowing about? as I chill in the burbs; I need some good FOMO.

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