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⚠️ THREAD! Who's Hiring :215:? November Edition!

Reply to THIS THREAD throughout the month with links to opportunities.

Freelance gigs + part/full time welcome. Include & tags.

Please stick to jobs/employers you know/trust, vs any old thing out there. We'll keep them organized into a monthly thread. replies will be removed.

I'll boost the thread again every week to resurface throughout the month.

Please share!

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:awareness: meet the first mod team of!

and of course yours truly.

These fine people have been pitching in to spread the word, help welcome newbies, answer questions, and keep me on the level. ❤️

They will also help review reported activity for abuse and keep this place safe and friendly.

We are still figuring things out but for now y'all should get to know them!

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I highly recommend exploring around here.

Since there's no algorithm deciding what it thinks you should see, it takes a little more upfront work to populate your home timeline. But it's not hard and the payoff is pretty fast. Two tips! ✨

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Tips for all of the newbies:

Check out the "local" timeline here. It shows posts from everyone currently on, which means it's all Philly peeps.

This is the magic. It's not a fast moving firehose so you can comfortably explore it.

- You might recognize some people. Say hi!
- You might find people you don't know yet. Find a convo that interests you. Say hi!
- Do you have stickers on your laptop? Check/contribute to .

Have fun!

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Important thing to check out - this instance does have a code of conduct. If you didn't check it when you joined, please read it here:

Also, this CoC is heavily borrowed from another instance, and definitely a work in progress.

Suggestions/updates/alterations warmly welcome (especially inclusive language tweaks). You can DM me here or email #meta, gab 

Domain-blocked a few Gab servers. Please send reports on any you notice in the federated timeline. Hopefully a technical solution will appear but in the meantime, any help you can provide in this game of whack-a-mole would be appreciated.

More info:

Hey my jawns! Happy new year. ✨🎉✨

Come see me on stage at Philly Improv Theater next week thursday, I’m a guest storyteller in this wacky show that scares the bejeezus out of me!

Tix are less than $10 and it’s sure to be a fun time.

Eye contact, :gritty: 

For all who celebrate, have a very Merry Gritmas!

Mastodon friends! Did you see that my library blog has launched? It has received so much more fanfare than I would have expected for a little blog about libraries

It even has its own news story

Been pretty inspired by Stephanie Hurlburt's use of this Q&A tool recently so I set up an account myself. Open now for questions about coworking, community, business, bootstrapping, Philly...whatever you're curious about!

The folks on South 13th take this very seriously!


Hi! techfluent pm. og fishtowner. lover of gritty.

<3 thanks for having me.

We are doing again I see. Cool!

I’m Logan. 35 years old, married, service industry veteran. 2 years ago I decided to switch careers into tech. I’m a full time business administrator at the University of Pennsylvania where I also attend school full time. I’m pursuing a BA in Cognitive Science: Computation and Cognition and soon a Masters in Computers and Information Tech in the School of Engineering.

Super into and & I have no free time.

Welcome new folks!

Sale is still on! Don't miss your chance to get the Mastodon client with the largest number of Elephant Friends in it for 50% off, if you are a Tumblr refugee!

If you are not, you can lie and say that you are and get it for 50% off anyway.

Actually, nobody is going to be asking. You will only have to lie to yourself.

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Hey Philly procrastinators! You know who you are. 😉

Finish Up Weekend is coming back to @indyhall again in January. 🚀Make sure you’re on the waiting list for early access/discounted tix.

Hello! I'm a newly minted videographer/photographer after many years in tech and I'm loving the new work. I've lived in the Philly area my whole life and I'm excited about how vibrant it has become. I joined your club hoping to bounce around ideas and possibly find collaborators. Thanks for the invite.

This is what you all missed by not going to IndyHall’s Friendsgiving, pão de queijo and Dulce de leche!

Has anybody put together a list of small-to-medium event venues in Philly?

Wanting something I can sort on factors like neighborhood and vibe as well as capacity and resources (like rooms for breakouts).

If not, plz share your fav venues (of all sizes) so I can build a database to share.

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Welcome to the first mastodon based community for Philadelphians who ❤️Philadelphia! Think of this instance as a new neighborhood in Philly that anyone can be a part of, because it's online.