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I highly recommend exploring around here.

Since there's no algorithm deciding what it thinks you should see, it takes a little more upfront work to populate your home timeline. But it's not hard and the payoff is pretty fast. Two tips! ✨

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Tips for all of the newbies:

Check out the "local" timeline here. It shows posts from everyone currently on, which means it's all Philly peeps.

This is the magic. It's not a fast moving firehose so you can comfortably explore it.

- You might recognize some people. Say hi!
- You might find people you don't know yet. Find a convo that interests you. Say hi!
- Do you have stickers on your laptop? Check/contribute to .

Have fun!

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Important thing to check out - this instance does have a code of conduct. If you didn't check it when you joined, please read it here:

Also, this CoC is heavily borrowed from another instance, and definitely a work in progress.

Suggestions/updates/alterations warmly welcome (especially inclusive language tweaks). You can DM me here or email

Shark Tank is propaganda.

The Dropout is propaganda.

WeCrashed is propaganda.

The Social Network is propaganda.

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If you look at the investor/startup ecosystem through the lens of how systematic radicalization is deployed online, and DON'T see the cult-like behavior or the social and economic harm it causes, I can't help but wonder what else you willfully ignore (or benefit from).

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When you look at the investor ecosystem through this lens, 99.9% of their wild and irrational behaviors start to make sense.

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Here's the messed up reality: a16z actually has an economic inventive to publicly support delusional bad actors.

They can afford the losses as long as the big, public cons provide air cover for the bad behavior of the rest of their portfolio.

It's a modern PT Barnum playbook.

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"While Andreessen Horowitz didn't invest, Marc Andreessen was a vocal cheerleader for Holmes — even calling her the next Steve Jobs."

In case you're wondering what a16z is thinking, it's simple.

Believing in con artists is a hard habit to break.


Gonna be cutting it up with tonight at 7pm. Talking about both of our books, how people are implementing our lesson, and a whole lot more.

Find us on the IG Live!

Gonna be cutting it up with tonight at 7pm. Talking about both of our books, how people are implementing our lesson, and a whole lot more.

Find us on's IG Live!

This week's 75-80 degree days means the Skyroom is gonna be the best place for coworking in the city, period. 😍

Related: if the mod tells you what you did wrong and invites you to post again with concrete recommendations on how to participate productively, instead of banning you, they're giving you a gift.

A little gratitude goes a long way.

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Pro-tip: if your first post in an online community breaks a clearly stated rule for posting in that community, the moderator doesn't want to hear you explain what your "intent" was.

The Citizen app is just Fox News for millennials.

No, I will not be taking questions at this time.

Looking for a tool that integrates with ConvertKit to create one of those “X people are ahead of you in line, share this link to move closer to the front of the line” type things.

Anybody seen something like that? is this possible with Sparkloop?

Love working with people who are good at their thing. 😍

As the reviews said, the instructions were not good. But the build is perfect for our needs!

The secret I've learned with Wayfair is to read and trust the reviews. Not individual reviews, but patterns in the reviews are almost always spot on.

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West facing sun and's skyroom have been a tricky match.

Today we installed the first retractable awning - a non-permanent one I found on Wayfair - and it is already a HUGE improvement.

Treating these as a test before investing in a custom, permanent install. Success!

There's a subtle but important difference between putting on your oxygen mask first, and acting from a place of pure self preservation

Many hear it as "put on your oxygen mask before helping others"

I prefer "put on your oxygen mask first SO THAT you can help others."

Made some bio updates. Not sure if the "rebel scum" and "pirate captain" titles are complimentary or contradictory, but I feel both of them deep in my bones.

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