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I highly recommend exploring around here.

Since there's no algorithm deciding what it thinks you should see, it takes a little more upfront work to populate your home timeline. But it's not hard and the payoff is pretty fast. Two tips! ✨

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Tips for all of the newbies:

Check out the "local" timeline here. It shows posts from everyone currently on, which means it's all Philly peeps.

This is the magic. It's not a fast moving firehose so you can comfortably explore it.

- You might recognize some people. Say hi!
- You might find people you don't know yet. Find a convo that interests you. Say hi!
- Do you have stickers on your laptop? Check/contribute to .

Have fun!

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Important thing to check out - this instance does have a code of conduct. If you didn't check it when you joined, please read it here:

Also, this CoC is heavily borrowed from another instance, and definitely a work in progress.

Suggestions/updates/alterations warmly welcome (especially inclusive language tweaks). You can DM me here or email

Honestly I've been waiting all weekend for something that almost wasn't fair, and that's a connection between the stage and audience that I love shows for. does it in their own way, but they brought exactly the energy I was feeling the loss of. Grateful.

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First new-to-me artist of day two. absolutely rules. 🤘

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Basketcase by Green Day comes on while waiting for Avril Lavigne - not the band, just a recording - and 90% of the crowd in any direction is singing along. Amazing.

Show thread putting on the bass face like no other, equal parts rock and dance party

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Q: What do you call a nerd in 20 years?

A: "Boss"

The most common things that members of a *healthy* community create for each other include:

- structure/reliability
- safety and trust
- a sense of belonging

When community builders are the only source of these three things, the community is designed to *burn them out.*

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Community isn’t a service.
Community isn’t a product.
Community isn’t even the value.

It’s a community of people who CREATE the value (whatever it is) for each other.

Operation mega-umbrella #1 on's clubhouse roofdeck came out NICE.

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