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⚠️ THREAD! Who's Hiring :215: ? October Edition.

Reply to THIS THREAD throughout the month with links to opportunities. Freelance gigs + part/full time welcome. Include & tags.

Please stick to jobs/employers you know/trust, vs any old thing out there. We'll keep them organized into a monthly thread. replies will be removed.

I'll boost the thread again every week to resurface throughout the month.

Please share!

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:awareness: meet the first mod team of!

and of course yours truly.

These fine people have been pitching in to spread the word, help welcome newbies, answer questions, and keep me on the level. ❤️

They will also help review reported activity for abuse and keep this place safe and friendly.

We are still figuring things out but for now y'all should get to know them!

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I highly recommend exploring around here.

Since there's no algorithm deciding what it thinks you should see, it takes a little more upfront work to populate your home timeline. But it's not hard and the payoff is pretty fast. Two tips! ✨

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Tips for all of the newbies:

Check out the "local" timeline here. It shows posts from everyone currently on, which means it's all Philly peeps.

This is the magic. It's not a fast moving firehose so you can comfortably explore it.

- You might recognize some people. Say hi!
- You might find people you don't know yet. Find a convo that interests you. Say hi!
- Do you have stickers on your laptop? Check/contribute to .

Have fun!

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Important thing to check out - this instance does have a code of conduct. If you didn't check it when you joined, please read it here:

Also, this CoC is heavily borrowed from another instance, and definitely a work in progress.

Suggestions/updates/alterations warmly welcome (especially inclusive language tweaks). You can DM me here or email

Working out of the new Indy Hall for the first time. It's been too long.

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this just in: mastodon is *the* place for the best :gritty: content

Philly tarot cards are coming, and the Kickstarter tripled its goal within three days

Featuring Ben Franklin as the Emperor and Jason Kelce as Justice.

We should make #tootsday a thing. I don't know what sort of thing it should be, but it should be a thing.


I posted about my friend's situation in PA but it's become much more dire. Anyone in the harrisburg pa area that can help a trans girl find a place to live please contact me.

boosts mean more than anything

Other fav Youtubers include:

- Claire Saffitz, gourmet pastry chef remakes popular stuff for Bon Appetite

- Patrick H Willems, film nerd does amazing video essays about movies and storytelling

Tom Scott is one of my fav Youtubers, and his latest is a perfect example of why.

This damn thing is brilliant!
Basically mental health pointers to think through and suggestions to deal with it if you feel like crap

Screenshot and the link is to the original tumblr post and a downloadable PDF

Philly Film Festival ( starts next week! This is what I have on my radar:

Cold War
They'll Love Me When I'm Dead
I Am Cuba
The Upside
The Front Runner *
If Beale Street Could Talk *
Vox Lux
Her Smell
Roma *

* = Will have a wide theatrical release so maybe should skip now

Anyone going?

woot just remembered to buy a couple barcamp tickets before earlybird ends even though I'm not 100% sure I can go

I wish I knew what made Amazon think this was something I needed to see

It's check in on your friends and do something nice for yourself. You deserve it, you deserve happiness.

Seriously, Philly Who interviews are better than most of the celeb interview shows and not just because the stories are local.

The production quality is amazing and Kevin is one of the best interviewers I’ve sat with.

Normally, ReplyAll is at the top of my “pause other shows and start listening as soon as it shows up in my feed” podcast list.

But now it’s Philly Who. If you aren’t listening yet you are missing out.

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