Every time I see Oliver Platt I think of his role with Stanley Tucci in The Imposters - which is an under-rated little movie you should see if you haven’t yet.

For all the parts of the internet that get me down there are some things on the internet that never fail to make me smile tiktok.com/t/ZTdE3GJwM/?k=1

A major trigger for me involves certain missionaries in Africa who withheld aid from people in need unless they would make public declarations of faith or listen to sermons. It’s not really voluntary when someone is starving… and the practice really burned me up.

Seeing this tactic happening around train stops in South Philly lately and I’m struggling to either not react or react appropriately

In my defense - more than half that train just walked to the track back to south Philly

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The one where you didn’t realize it was an express train that didn’t stop at your stop and now you have to decide whether to trust Septa or Lyft home from Center City

Did the TikTok algorithm reset or did I do something wrong?

Obi Wan Part III comment 

I can’t believe how tense that was considering I’ve known how this story ends since I was something like 9 years old

I just learned “Cheese Master” is a job title people can have and frankly my high school guidance counselor did not get me _at all_

The one where I just got hit my a car crossing the street in center city and have a split second to decide if I’m ok before I let the lady drive off (I’m fine)

The one where the sky coated South Philly in ice cubes and now it’s 10 degrees hotter outside for some reason

The one where I might be experiencing PTSD from the most recent This Is Us episode

You know what I miss? I miss not knowing who Elon Musk was.

The one where I spent a few hours on a braised beef taco and accidentally made a decent no-bean chili instead

The one where I visited my old favorite neighborhood restaurant for the first time in years and had trouble not crying at the bar.

You can always tell when there is a new PPA employee in South South Philly - tickets everywhere for like two days

The one where I’m convinced that half the country watches Handmaid’s Tale the way Barney Stinson watches Karate Kid

Real wine connoisseurs will happily drink a great wine from a Dixie cup if that’s all the hotel has

The one where I’m trying to ride the pandemic-era wedding version of the Balmer curve

I don’t know if I should be insulted or impressed that Yellowtail Sushi worked out that I only need two sets of chopsticks rather than the 6-8 they used to send

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