GOT Spoilers 

1.) That Danny arc was always gonna happen. The foreshadowing had been there since season 2. Shit - they *showed* us the ashes in the thrown room. It 100% tracks with her character.

2.) That scene was Jamie’s death scene. I’ll bet good money Cersei is still alive.

3.) Jon is still a dick for not booping Ghost

The ladies behind me are talking about a “coming to Jesus party” for their mother... as in... Mom got churched... and now I am way more interested in their misuse of common phrases than maybe I should be

I just had to explain what a chode is to my in-laws because scrabble

Sometimes I’ll eat a bagel just because spooning cream cheese directly in my mouth is “weird.”

There is a shocking lack of gritty memes in Manhattan...


Running out of coffee and water at a conference charging $900 a ticket is kinda unacceptable.

These signs are obnoxious first thing in the morning.

It’s getting real hard to pretend things are ok in a “maybe I should start carrying my passport with me at all times just in case” kind of way.

Dropped my car off for service at my dealership this morning. Used to be they had an employee who would give me a ride anywhere I wanted when I did this - but I’d have to wait until they got back from the last run. Now they have a contract with Uber X to pick me up.

I’m now torn between how much of a better experience this is for me as a customer and the fact that my vendor dropped a good job in favor of cheap “contract” labor.

Probably morbid 

I hope I get an 8 minute warning on my last breath so I can go out listening to the solo riff at the end of Weezer's Only In Dreams.

As much as I love what John Oliver is doing the whole "yelling a silly joke" thing wears me out fast.

‪I’m already meeting new coworkers so time to brag - on Monday I become the newest member of @thinkcompany‬!

My new allbird wool runners just arrived - it's like walking on a pile of baby ducks.


Congratulations to the referees for their win over the Eagles today.

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