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👋Hi! I'm an , developer and designer and developer. I'm interested in /#techforgood, , , , making & , reading , , , among a lot else. I'm learning and how to be a of two. I care about people who have lost their . Working hard to keep .

Thats the most hashtags I've used in my entire time on the internet.

So finally decided to join the iPad club. What are your cant-live-without without apps?

I just completed my first purchase from @Methodical_SC. What a lovely experience! The site, design, and copy writing were all delightful. Awesome job @MarcoSuarez and team!

Politics is the working out of our shared life together and Policy is how we’ve chosen to organize that common life.

This definition by @realrobbell consistenly grounds me when I’m tempted to be cynical or faced with bad-faith arguments about when “politics” is appropriate

Friends, If you need a delightful diversion, considering this quintessential NPR article, written by my dear friend @DanielPWWood, about saving seeds and collard greens:

Is there a enneagram type for someone who is easily overwhelmed by more than one slack channel?

Today I start work at @auditboard! I'm excited to working with my good buddy @mminkoff on some challenging @emberjs problems.

What if our COVID testing improved to the point where tissues could be our diagnostic tool? Tissue turns blue? You’ve got COVID! Or maybe less specific, if it turns blue you’re some sort of contagious and should mask up

Severance was an absolute blast. I loved the aesthetic vibes, the humor and it’s surprising sincerity. The mystery was a lot of fun and I loved how it ended. If they didn’t do a second season, I’d still be satisfied with how they wrapped it up.

Also, Dillian 🤌

If you're a developer with an entrepreneurial spirit who likes a diversity of work, true agency to tackle problems, and the opportunity to meaningfully contribute to the success of a business, talk to Luke.

Here is a taste of some of what I enjoyed:

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After almost 6 years of the most fun, productive, and challenging work of my career, this Friday will be my last day at @Yapp. A very special thanks to @lukemelia for taking a chance on me. Folks, there is no better boss, mentor, developer, or all around human being than him.

BookWyrm is a Fediverse alternative to Amazon's GoodReads, letting you review books, share reading lists, discover new books and interact with other readers. You can follow at:

➡️ @bookwyrm

The website is at

There are lists of instances to join at and

You can follow BookWyrm accounts from Mastodon etc, for example @mouse

#BookWyrm #Fediverse #Books #Book #Reading #Literature #ActivityPub #GoodReads #Alternatives

I have not enjoyed a blog in a long time as much as I’ve enjoyed @dynomight7‘s

“Acquaintance is fate” is something never spoken by an introvert when talking to a complete stranger.

Rather than just blocking you outright, it presents you with the choice to proceed or not, it helps you choose how much time you want to spend and it does that in context to how much time you’ve already spent. Intention really is the perfect name for it

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I’ve been using the Intention browser extension for a couple weeks now and it’s been the single most effective tool to keep my attention from drifting. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried them all!

Thanks @dayoneapp for creating thoughtful software that gives more than it takes.

I've been using @sprout_place all day to do a brainstorming session for product ideas. It's not only fun, but it's so dang fast. Neat!

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