Earlier tonight I ordered dinner from Tiffin on their website. The order didn’t look like it went through, so I called to place an order.

My second order was just delivered.

I also didn’t understand how many samosas came with each order.

Leftovers for days!

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‪I’m at the Springfield Mall for the first time in almost 20 years. ‬

‪I no longer believe in entropy. There are places time does not erode. ‬

Please share this with everyone you know applying for jobs, starting a career, or making a career change: rejected.us/

@pat here’s the underlaying marker sketch.

For some reason, I cannot satiate my hunger today. When I go into the office, like I am today, there's enough snacks to keep me somewhat full most of the day. Not sure what it is today. I just ate a whole platter of chicken & rice and I'm STILL HUNGRY.

Took about a week off from my daily doodles, which makes me even more happy with how today’s turned out. Used the Paper app to embellish a hand drawn image.

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Hey Philly procrastinators! You know who you are. 😉

Finish Up Weekend is coming back to @indyhall again in January. 🚀Make sure you’re on the waiting list for early access/discounted tix.


I earned my next level of suburban Dad today: I bought a snow blower.

To put the cherry on top, I bought a knife set.

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This year, circumstances insist & permit me to do something a bit different for Thanksgiving. For lots of reasons, I don’t visit relatives for the holiday.

My guess is that this is true, for many reasons, for others as well. So:

If you have no plans; or don’t like the plans you have; or want an escape hatch; and:

You don’t mind the sound of MST3K playing on tv; eating assorted, hastily-planned, gustatorially-randomized foods, please DM me. Provided there’s space, I have vittles to share.

I ate Romaine lettuce like 3 days ago. Am I dead?

@pat I live near a creek. Any time there’s a chance for fog, my neighborhood is transformed and it may be one of the things I like most about Merwood Park.

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