I wish I could trust Maxx in the kitchen while food is cooling - almost daily he reinforces the fact that I can’t

Anyone have a board game group who might welcome someone who knows literally nothing about board games but who bakes delicious things for friendly people

200 bucks for the pair I do not have the room - but pretty sure that’s a good deal

Been treating my sprained back with top shelf tequila - effective, cheaper than pharma and much more enjoyable 10/10 would recommend

Thank you thrift store - this is best deal I’ve gotten in ages

‪I’m looking for Philly folks who feel they can’t draw - I’m making a list, I’m going to prove you wrong (assuming I can get you all in one room with pencils)

Dear Doodle Diary: Of everything I’ve ever draw, this little line drawing is one of my favorites, I’ve lost count of how many *cannibalistic* doodles, ducks, doughnuts, pretzels, hot-dogs, eggs and cows - there’s probably more. I apologize in advance if you’re lactose intolerant - I think I did this vitamin D rich dude in 2015 - I’m not sure if I even own the original of this anymore - I doubt anyone actually this much - but: If you attended my 2016 show and now OWN this guy - let me know.

Happy Valentines Day (I love doing designs like this entirely on my phone)

In the spirit of - I finished something that’s been floundering since May - more on that tomorrow

@alexhillman gathering some ripe tomatoes for tomorrow night

Spent a few hours rewriting classic jokes (I don’t really sleep) here’s one that actually got a laugh (it’s possibly dark)

I like my women like I like my sandwiches - Cuban, a ham, slightly pickled, always cheeses and crushed under extreme pressure

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Hey my jawns! Happy new year. ✨🎉✨

Come see me on stage at Philly Improv Theater next week thursday, I’m a guest storyteller in this wacky show that scares the bejeezus out of me!


Tix are less than $10 and it’s sure to be a fun time.

Dear Doodle Diary: relaxing after a long day - eventually this will be 40 inches tall, available for preorder

Anyone brave enough to hire me to design and illustrate a label for a hot sauce?

Looking to check this off my bucket list

Dear Doodle Diary: seems like a valid spot illustration to start 2019 with - thoughts?

Dear Doodle Diary: thinking of taking a butchery class - feels like a skill I should have #27-Dec-2018

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