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Does anyone know graphic designers and/or web designers who are passionate about and fighting climate change? Trying to assemble people to build a non-profit or a B Corp / co-op / ethical business (still in the idea stage).

Being based in the Philadelphia area would be a plus, but can also work remotely.

It's been too long since I've posted on here.
Been sleeping.

Doing some online training.
They warned me that it was boring AF! I didn’t listen!

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Good news everyone! via Morris Animal Shelter:
Our staff was at ACCT to help out by transferring cats and dogs in need to the Refuge and there she was!

Cornbread, not so much. Now I'm inspired to work them into something else.

ooooh! Cayenne, cinnamon, and cocoa are my friends. :)

Thank you!

Via Morris Animal Shelter
URGENT: LOST DOG, ! Small Shiba Inu girl Queen’s still missing after slipping through our shelter gate Tues morning.
Want to help? Keep your eyes peeled, if you can put up flyers, text 484-560-4846, and if you see her, please call us at 267-951-2348.
RT to spread the word!

Doing a refresher on Bootstrap. I need more coffee for this. :wawa:

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I'll finally listen to my congressperson, Gritty, and asking for more SEPTA trains

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Take 2 Sizzlis and call me in the morning. :wawa:
Wawa arrives in Miami, where reactions range from ‘is nothing sacred’ to the ‘fever is real’

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I mean, if there’s a bigger goofus anywhere on the planet, I don’t know who it is.

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