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party for socialism and liberation's Milwaukee branch put together a seriously solid black power reading list!

Authors we are reading in the Rational Dress Society’s JUMPSUIT class so far: Karl Marx, Guy Debord, Louis Althusser, Fatema Mernissi, and Andrea Fraser. My own philosophy reading in college and grad school went down the “religious/ancient history” path, and I’m excited and energized to switch to the “let’s actually do@something about something” track.

Cutting out the pattern pieces for my Rational Dress Society jumpsuit, a “unigender monogarment for the end of western capitalism”

Visiting the CORONASPHERE in Coatesville today.

(Actually, it’s a decommissioned piece of sonar equipment from the nose of a submarine.)

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A bright spot from yesterday’s elections: the locally-made plexiglass sneeze guards I was provided to protect my poll workers were huge and beautiful.

I had worried that they wouldn’t be tall enough to separate a seated worker from a standing voter, but they were perfect for the job.

(This is Chester County BTW)

I’d like to host a Philly to share the basics of secure messaging and encryption. Maybe a beginner track: “here’s how to use Signal”, and an intermediate track: “here’s how to encrypt an email with PGP.”

As far as I can tell, there’s none already planned in the Philly area. Is anyone aware of a cryptoparty already planned?

If not — want to help me host one?


Consider being a poll worker on November 5th!

I can tell you _all_ about the process in Chester County, and point you to the right places to learn for Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia.

Why do it?

1. The voting process is more secure than you might think, but ONLY WITH LOTS OF LOCAL PARTICIPATION.

2. Learn the rules and the ropes, so you can combat low-information rumors and nonsense with your own personal experience.

Contact me for useful links and advice!

There a group of paramotor people that fly from Exton Park at twilight. It looks like a lot of fun.

I want to join a club where we practice creating, then solving, nasty Git problems.

Unexpected files showing up in a PR?
Stale features that are a furball of conflicts by the time they are compared to mainline?
Actually bisecting history to find a problematic commit (instead of just reading about it?)

Does such a club exist in Philly?

(Picture is me practicing git-flow using the nifty D3 visualizer for Git) 🐘

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