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💰 If you’ve been getting any PA Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) expect those payments to start showing up as paper checks in the mail. Apparently they are trying to sidestep some major fraud.


❤️ I usually try to start the week with a funny quip, but for today I’ll simply say I love you all and be safe.

☀️ It’s easy for the news and general direction of the world get one down, but try to remember there are many people doing selfless, good works out there too that are not spotlighted.

Try to focus on the positive impact you can make in your communities to help stay motivated.

🔗 Philadelphia’s approach to easing movement and business restrictions while continuing to suppress the spread of the virus.

Great collection of info and business guidelines.



9 hours 41 minutes.


😰 I’m learning a lot watching DockerCon but 30m sessions for 8 hours strait is a bit too much to ask from people.

👨‍💻 You can tell I’m starting to get into Docker when I’m documenting projects ideas re: using docker images to create docker images.

✅ Today’s projects:

Attend Bootstrappers Breakfast meeting, discussing the book, The Mom Test.
Do some code review for yesterday’s work.
Attend DockerCon!
Work on documenting some business plans as I try to check off all my May todo items.

🎮😟 Does anyone else feel guilty about waking Blathers up during the day to check recent fish and bug catches for donations?

🚶‍♂️ Did my walk in the am this morning to avoid the high sun and heat of afternoon. Summer is coming fast.

🔗 Michael Tsai - Blog - Netflix Stops Charging Inactive Customers

This should be a legal requirement for all SaaS. mjtsai.com/blog/2020/05/26/net

🎮🤬 Today I learned Tom Nook has been skimming from the top of all my dropbox item prices. You get more money if you sell directly to Timmy and Tommy.

✅ Today’s projects:

Finish UX refactor of Event Detail / RSVP Form.
Do code review for stuff I did last week and merge it in.
Take final lawyer interview call.
Walk with my sister.
Start UX refactor of sign in forms.

☀️ Good morning everyone! Hopefully the holiday weekend was relaxing and recharging for you all. Make a plan and kick some ass this week!

😰 Had to use compressed air today to unstuck my y key. Fixed, for now.

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