🤕 It is amazing how easy it is to take for granted your body working properly. Woke up with a sore neck this morning and it’s still hurting (though a smidge better). Ugh.

🤬 When I swapped out my old Comcast modem for this new one it offered to restore the wireless network settings including its old password, which isn’t shady at all.

🤔 If a tree falls in the woods but the analytics session did not capture the event, did it make a sound?

🍿 Rebuilding the Instagram Stories UI with Tailwind CSS

These videos are tight, informative little demos of how to use Tailwind.


🍿 TENET. What the fuck just happened?

🤔 Today I wrote a script, recorded my voice, edited the audio track only to realize this is a blog post and not a video. Content is content I guess.

😡 Got my first data cap warning email from Comcast and lost 30m of my life trying to browse their site for answers. Have resolved to visit the actual physical store location to see what I can do. I currently pay for Blast! – need to figure out what tier avoids the cap.

✅ Today’s Goals:

Morning walk. (done!)
No client work. (done!)
Record a few videos for @phoenixexamples.
Work on @phoenixexamples website.
Work on notification settings for @guildflow.
Watch Tenent after dinner.

🔗 Why Blacksmiths are Better at Startups than You

Even though my consulting clients like my work, and pay me well for it, this is a notable part of why I want to get back into products that I make. stackingthebricks.com/why-blac

😢 I now wear noise-canceling headphones in my living room because the neighbors above me are so loud.

🤔 If anyone out there is using tenant-based databases with Ecto while also being able to use the async transactional database checkouts during testing I’d love to buy you a beer. github.com/thoughtbot/ex_machi

💥 If only they knew how bad I was at Voltorb flip.

📅 The Philly ETE (Emerging Technologies For The Enterprise) Conference will be online May 4-6, 2021. Early bird tickets are up for $70.


🚨 I did get it working (for the planned release tomorrow), but made a ticket to improve the code and docs soon™.

Anyways, yes I do still have impostor syndrome.

🤔 What I thought was false (boolean) was really “false” (string) and the feature check did not work as expected. It was all part of a complex chain of yaml to helm to environment variables to the Elixir app itself.

😳 All week my client has been burning down a stack of 20 tickets to get the BIG deployment ready, and when it hit zero earlier tonight I was informed work I had merged on Monday “broke” production (showed a feature that wasn’t finished/ready).

🔗 GitHub - pawurb/ecto_extras: Ecto helper functions.

Simple helper functions for Ecto.Repo and Ecto.Query that I find missing from the default implementation. github.com/pawurb/ecto_extras

🎮🧀 Once I was part of a role-playing guild in WoW made up of extremely friendly Blood Elves who would constantly offer/trade people free cheese.

Those were simpler times.

☀️ It’s easy to get stuck doing the same things over and over. Don’t be afraid to shift things around. ‘No’ is a complete sentence.

Happy Monday.

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