🍿 Watched Back to the Future with Mom today for a fun Sunday diversion. Going to hit her up with all my knowledge of time paradoxes that make no sense during dinner. Wish me luck.

✏️ Apple’s Gatekeeper Developer ID Program Needs a Transparency Report

Adding a formal, descriptive transparency report would restore a lot of faith in the Gatekeeper system after this week’s events.


📚 I really miss the built in code examples the @ElixirLang docs have over the @Kotlin docs. Makes learning so much easier. Example: the String.split function in both languages.

💒 “3,000 Philadelphians applied for emergency weddings, only 20% got approved”

The whole idea that you have to get permission from the state to get married is archaic to me.


👨‍💻 I miss having separate interface and implementation files.

Yeah it was a little more work but when done well it was extremely helpful when working in an unfamiliar code base.

🔗 The world is going to hell and you’re reading a Gritty profile.


🤬 The new neighbor has an “emotional support” dog and it barks ALL THE TIME.

👨‍💻 I’m sure I’ll enjoy Kotlin over Java for building Android apps, but I can not agree with this sentiment.

❤️ @IndyHall has been a great resource during the lock down. It’s a welcoming community and a consistent place to connect with people while you are stuck at home.

The first Friday on the month is Open Hall, so check it out:


📢 On the topic of First Friday at @IndyHall, if anyone wants to take advantage of my own Open Office hours to chat about an iOS or web project feel free to schedule some time. No charge, just a free, casual consultation.


🎉 Power is back! Internet is still out. Using cell phone tethering for now.

Let’s hope I don’t need to update npm modules and use up all my data.

⛈ Power is still out and not sleeping well without my cpap machine. I know some people have a house under water tonight so I’ll roll with the punches. 🤷‍♂️

🔗 The Truth Is Paywalled But The Lies Are Free ❧ Current Affairs

That is a scary headline. currentaffairs.org/2020/08/the

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