🎮🎹 Anyone have a good / non-scammy source for video game soundtracks? I’m specifically looking to acquire Link to the Past (SNES), Sim City (SNES) and Mario64 soundtracks which I sometimes listen to via YouTube but would prefer local MP3 versions.

🔋 I loose faith in tech reviewers instantly when they just regurgitate the vendor’s own battery claims. Is it too much to ask people to do their own battery tests?

👨‍💻 Happy to report a good sleep and fresh eyes helped instantly fix a bug I was fighting with for 30m last night.

Take a walk and get away from the problem. You brain needs async time to reboot and reorganize.

🔗 PSA: preventing outages due to DST Root CA expiry on Sep 30th

The safest thing to do is make sure the application is running on Erlang/OTP or later, or 24.0.4 or later.


😸 And then there was this time where a cat gave us a tour of the new @septa design language for wayfinding during an @indyhall show and tell.

👨‍💻 The LiveBook for my @phillyelixir Changeset talk is up. One notable feature you might want to snipe is setting up Ecto using ETS storage which lets you demo Ecto things without the need for Postgres.


✅ Today’s goals:

Sleep in cause it’s raining outside.
Update my blog post on Changesets based on feedback from @phillyelixir.
Attend the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation Annual General Meeting
Experiment more with GitHub Actions.
Work on RetroTaxi user presence stuffs.

📚 The lighting I have at lunch makes me think this might be a good book.

👨‍💻 Got a simple Elixir test action working on GitHub Actions today. This setup-beam action was particularly helpful.


My little workflow, so far:


✅ Today’s goals:

Morning walk (done!)
Take car in for oil change.
Read more Elixir in Action for book club while I wait.
Hack on some RetroTaxi stuffs?
Maybe read up on GitHub Actions?
Host @phillyelixir meetup in the evening.

Love how the prompt say “ask”, as if the app will consider my intent but do what it wants anyway.

✅ Today’s goals:

Haircut (done!)
Publish Changeset article on @elixirfocus
Weekly food pickup.
Work on topic slides for @phillyelixir meeting (tomorrow).

🤷‍♂️ I re-enabled my Audible subscription and am currently accepting audio book suggestions. My mix usual includes lighthearted comedy or business productivity but I’m open to other things if you loved it. Let me know.

📚 Wanted to put out a second plug for the new book (season?) we are starting in Elixir Book Club. Elixir in Action, Second Edition is one of my favorite books. Looking forward to exploring it with a new batch of readers in the coming weeks.


✅ Today’s goals:

Finish up blog post on schemaless changesets (publish tomorrow).
Prep agenda, post announcement for Philly Elixir meeting on Wednesday.
Work on some meta-site improvements for @elixirfocus.
More book reading for Elixir Book Club and other interests.

🔗 The Framework Laptop - The “B” Ark

I’d call the Framework a very solid competitor to the X1 or other ultrabooks in that class, and I’m very happy to have it as my new daily driver. blog.b-ark.ca/2021/08/29/the-f

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